BULLET COFFEE (my love affair with)

The first time I heard about butter coffee I thought, um, yuck...I have to be honest I was not an instant fan. Also the fitness guru that was talking about it, looked like a bikini model who I suspected never dieted a day in her life - so credibility was kind of low there. Also, she mentioned the greatest thing about it was that AFTER she put it in the blender meaning coffee, and butter whizzed it around a bit, it was “thick and creamy” and I gagged at  the thought of thick coffee and also rebelled against the idea of now lukewarm coffee after that whole ritual.  I like my coffee hot - my Dad is from Brazil - we know how coffee should be served. No thanks.  So I was kind of turned off by her, by the whole blender ritual, and then  I learned about Bullet Coffee.

Bullet coffee was held as a standard for people on a low carb, ketogenic diet, or for me a person looking for a LIFESTYLE that would help me lose weight, be stronger, healthier, happier, fitter and toned.  I went for it! A tablespoon of MCT oil (mid length chain triglyceride coconut oil) in my very hot coffee with a splash of cream perked up my metabolism, started my day off right and it was all good.  Still love the stuff!   

So that coupled with good physical activity, good sleep, stress management, a good food plan, and a focus on self care, and voila, I lost 120 lbs.  But I still had more to go and wanted to start to get rid if the rest using IF and OMAD (intermittent fasting and one-meal-a-day) eating schedules that food schedule  conversion, many said, including the certified trainer whose classes enabled me to become one myself, could be hastened and supported using BULLET or you guessed it, BUTTER COFFEE! And there it was again!

I decided that I had not fully explored the opportunity to enjoy butter coffee - so I tried again, but this time, my way.  On most days, as part of IF (intermittent fasting) , if I find that I am a bit hungry, but really do not want to fully break my fast, I may have a butter coffee that I must tell you is my non-guilty pleasure.  To a big, big mug of the hottest fragrant, steamy coffee freshly brewed, I add 2 heaping tablespoons of fresh butter (I prefer salted but any kind will do) and I mix it in and it melts deliciously and decadently. I know some splash in some cream or half and half - not me, I am a purist and I do not want to dilute the experience one bit. I’m always working, so I normally bring this magical potion to my desk and the aroma itself is a marvelous experience.  But there is more, then….I sip it.  And I do mean sip, as in tiny little tastes, that I can savour and enjoy.  The rich butter flavour matched with the deep, hearty coffee flavour is seductive and calming.  It stays incredibly hot because the fat in the cup, just like the fat on our bodies keeps the liquid warmer longer.  Each sip is warming, soothing, filling, sustaining - it is simply marvelous.  And the fitness guru/model that described it to me at the beginning was absolutely right about one thing, butter coffee absolutely removes hunger from the equation! For hours I don't even think about food because the hot rich magical brew cures me of cravings until I decide it's time for a meal.  Butter Coffee gives me control! So, I will admit and confess unashamedly that my love affair with Butter Coffee is real, and forever. If there is such a thing as a coffee soul mate, I have found mine. #healthylifestyle #holisticketo #keto #ketolifestyle #ketosuperheroes #ketoweightloss #selflove #ketomeals #ketorecipes #lowcarb

- Rosanna


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