Can you imagine a world where you can eat decadent foods and lose weight forever?

How many of us are conditioned to believe that the only way to get actual weight loss in the future is to suffer in the present? After all, doesn't everyone who has ever dieted have  become familiar with the phrase “No pain, no gain”? What this translates to is that in that in order to lose the desired weight, you have to suffer in the present. That’s why so many people, instead of looking for a lifestyle, will often do diets or challenges so that they can lose the weight in a short amount of time,  all in a effort to have the desired body that they have always wanted.  Is it any wonder that weight loss groups that offer to lose that fifteen pounds in a week or a month are  so popular! Now some may be wondering, “What could be the problem with that?” Well, the problem is this….Once you go off a diet or challenge, like so many do, once they reach their desired weight loss goals, they are three times more likely to gain it back. This either can lead to two possible but very different  scenarios: 1.) Continue on your unhealthy lifestyle, convinced that nothing will get better, and accept your current weight or 2.) Go back to the weight loss group you had joined, where you have to restart your whole process, and deal with feelings of failure and frustration.

Surely, there must be a better answer than this? There is a better solution and here it is! We need to take a long-term view in our weight loss journey. However, perhaps more importantly, WE NEED TO STOP DENYING OURSELVES FOOD THAT WE ENJOY! Seriously, why deny yourself that piece of cake or chocolate if it makes you feel good? I know, I know on other weight loss programs, they offer desserts but are so over-processed that they doesn't taste like anything, essentially denying yourself any sense of pleasure, thus decreasing the likelihood of keeping the weight off. The wonderful thing about Keto is that all items you have been told to limit or deny yourself, like chocolate-covered strawberries, cheesecake, KitKat bars, snickers, can be made friendly to weight loss. And since one of the essential components of keto is to turn yourself from a carb burner to a fat burner, you will be increasing your ability to lose weight forever, and that is before exercise comes into play!  So, you get to eat delicious foods that you desire and lose weight at the same time...Why aren't you living the keto lifestyle again?


- Jess

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