How Keto has changed my life in other ways besides my diet

So what feels like a million years ago, but was probably three years ago, I had chosen to try living a keto lifestyle. Like many others, I had heard of it creating excellent results regarding weight loss, increased energy, and decreasing symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. And it worked! I went from a size twelve to a size eight, had more energy, and the pain typically associated with fibromyalgia decreased. Now, you may be thinking, “Well, that is wonderful, but how did it change your life besides your health?” Well, I will tell you! The first thing that I should say to you is that I have always liked helping people and have even gotten a master’s degree in human services to achieve that goal. However, my keto odyssey has changed my purpose. I realized the importance of helping people learn how to be successful on their keto journey through positive encouragement and organization of one’s schedule. Finally, I realized that implementing fun exercises and decadent food will create positive changes that I have always wanted to make for others.

I look forward to each day to the work that I do with Keto Superheroes spreading its message along and helping any clients who come my way. It is amazing how one decision can change the rest of your life, isn’t it?


- Jessica



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