How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Keto-Style

Now’s the time to start planning your Thanksgiving day Feast with turkey and all the trimmings. One criticism we hear about Keto is that food options are limited especially when it comes to holidays. Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise.  You can have all of your Thanksgiving favourites, guilt free. By substituting a few ingredients, you can have all the foods you crave and still stay on your program.  For example, instead of preparing traditional mashed potatoes, try mashed turnips instead. It’s delicious and has the same mouth feel as potatoes but with much less carbs. Another good example is turkey stuffing made with cubed and toasted keto bread instead of regular (wheat or white) bread. It only takes one additional step and a little more time, but it’s well worth it.  


Let’s not forget all the delicious desserts that are part of the Thanksgiving meal.  We normally think of pies of all varieties, such as pumpkin, apple and cherry. For example there’s a  Keto version of apple pie which uses only a small portion of apple and the rest is squash. The squash has a much lower carb count compared to apples. The squash has a similar texture to the apple and with the right flavourings, seasonings and keto sweetener, it tastes just like the real thing. Another favourite is pumpkin pie but made using a keto-friendly sugar substitute which is hard to tell apart from the original. The pie crusts can be made using non wheat flour such as almond or coconut which again has a much lower carb count. These are just two of the many examples of easy to make holiday treats that, in my opinion, are better than the original and are better for you. 

One of my personal favourites at Thanksgiving are bread and rolls, especially the type that are crusty on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.  Again by substituting traditional wheat flour for nut or coconut flour you can make these delectable and mouth watering treats which are bound to please everyone at the table. They can be loaded up with real butter which is, of course, very keto so dive in.  As I write this I feel myself getting hungrier by the moment. Again just a little more prep time and a few additional ingredients and you can have a wonderful keto meal.  Even if you have a mixture of keto and non-keto guests it’s not a problem at all. If guests prepare and bring their keto favorites or the host provides some keto options then it’s bound to please everyone. As I’ve become more accustomed to the keto lifestyle, the thought of going back to all those starchy and sweet foods no longer appeals to me.  I no longer have that bloated and sluggish feeling after a big meal as I did before. 

How can one forget about holiday inspired alcoholic drinks? I suggest sticking with the clear distilled liquors such as vodka, gin or rum. They have a much lower carb count when compared to more traditional beer and wine, although there are now low carb versions of both. When we want to celebrate, our family makes drinks using a mixer made with a keto friendly sweetener.  You don’t have to miss out on all the fun and toast with no guilt.  For those meat lovers, turkey is perfectly keto, but for the veggie lovers  out there, there’s all sorts of low carb non-meat alternatives, so you can participate in all the festivities.  Remember it is all about options and choices, so don’t miss out on the fun and laughter. Happy Thanksgiving. 

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- Phil



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