How to have fun during the holidays on Keto without being diet-stressed

Yes, believe it or not, you can have fun during the holidays with your friends and family without being “kicked off” Keto (and it is not hard). Why not look forward to the holidays instead of dreading the thought of gaining weight and letting things get out of your control? It is possible to maintain this wonderful lifestyle and still eat favorite decadent treats that you love consuming during the holidays. In other words, you do not have to sacrifice anything! For example, if you wait all year at Halloween to have Reece’s peanut butter cups, there is a Keto version of them! If your signature dish that you bring to the in-laws at Thanksgiving is a Pecan pie, there is a Keto version of that (and also can be easily converted into cupcake form!). If at Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate in December), your favorite dish is having frosted sugar cookies, there is a Keto version of that. As you can see, the holiday possibilities are endless and never boring! All you need is the right ingredients and time, and you can make amazing dishes regardless of your level of skill. And in the process of bringing these items to your friends and family, they will likely be very impressed and everyone will enjoy it (regardless of whether they are on Keto or not). So instead of focusing on what you can or cannot eat, the holidays are actually an opportunity to try new things and new experiences. It’s a perfect time to be brave and have fun! Because after all, don’t you deserve that? Aren’t you WORTH that? Think of this as an opportunity to still embrace your goals and still enjoy time with friends and family, who I am sure will want you to have a good time with them. So here is your fun assignment: Write a list of all the things you love eating during the holidays, and go on the internet (or look at the Keto Superheroes sixty day, no nonsense, not Boring Food plan) and make them! Try them out! I think you will be surprised by the results!  And additionally, if you are still feeling stressed about seeing friends and family during the holidays, Keto Superheroes provides a line of certified keto coaches that will help you during this stressful time with tips and tricks. Ultimately, the holidays should be fun and marvellous and still support your keto lifestyle. Have a No Guilt, No pressure holiday season!

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- Phil


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