How to Start A Successful Journey for the first (and last) time: The First Five things that you must do

  1. Make a Decision-There is an important question that everyone must ask themselves that leads to success in a positive journey toward actual sustainable weight loss: Are you worth reorganizing your life to achieve it? While everyone wants to lose weight, not everyone wants to take the time and energy involved in attaining it. Therefore, these individuals who are only committing to this decision half-heartedly, often despite their best intentions, are unsuccessful because their heart is not in it or committed to the old ways they use to eat and exercise.  Much like anything else in one’s life, you need to commit to a decision with your whole heart, and all actions need to reflect this decision.
  2. Get rid of the Carby Temptations:  So congratulations, you have decided to lose that undesirable amount of weight! So here is the first step that people have difficulty doing: You must  “purge” the entire house of all the temptations that will detract from your weight loss: Standardized loaves of bread, cakes, cereals, crackers, cookies, pasta, rice, etc. While this may seem drastic, the truth is that all the things described above decrease or delay your ability to entire the wonderful world of ketosis.  To lose the unwanted weight forever, you need to re-condition your brain to look for healthy fat found in nuts or even fat bombs, for example, rather than items that are considered simple carbohydrates. So go into your kitchen and pantries, put all those simple carbohydrates items into a box, give them to a local shelter or a nonprofit organization. Or you can place those items somewhere where you can not see them readily (and label the box “Non-Keto Items”) that prevent you from achieving your weight loss goal.
  3. Download a food plan- One of the most important aspects to lose and keep off the weight is through one’s meals, snacks, and desserts. When people start food plans for different lifestyles, they are convinced they will have to give “something up” to achieve this weight loss. However, by downloading the “60-day meal plan” (see link-60-day Keto Superheroes Meal Plan – KetoSuperHeroes), you can get a real sense of how a typical day or week would be through the development of delicious, decadent dishes that allow the customer to lose unwanted weight forever.
  4. Set up time with a certified Keto coach: Although many agree that the Keto lifestyle is probably the best way to lose weight forever sustainably. Many people have difficulty applying it to their lives, leading them to either go off Keto or stay on it for a little while but eventually continue their bad eating habits. At Keto superheroes, all of our coaches understand the complexity of creating a thriving food and exercise plan that adheres to your lifestyle and want to help you succeed in losing weight permanently. Only a keto coach will give you the necessary essential tools to help you create exercise and fitness plans that work for you and identify decadent recipes to try dealing with “bullies.” They will help you identify personal hurdles that may prevent you from achieving your weight loss goal and even provide online exercise videos that you will be excited to try. This is why obtaining a coach trained in the delicacies of the Keto lifestyle is so vital to successful, permanent weight loss.
  5. Attend a boot camp:  You may ask yourself why I need to participate in a Bootcamp when I have already decided on this lifestyle and am committed to this fantastic journey? Well, the truth is that before going to a keto coach, it is essential to make sure that this is a lifestyle that you want to commit to solely. Frequently, people make food decisions based solely on what is being blasted on social media without having any “real” information about what is involved. Since Keto has become so popular in mainstream media, there is a lot of misinformation that people do not know the four different types of Keto, how to handle non-Keto individuals, etc. The Bootcamps provide a collaborative format to answer any question you may have about the keto lifestyle and connect you with other followers on the same journey. The boot camps also provide excellent tips and tricks that the coaches from Keto superheroes have learned and other secrets that have allowed them to succeed in their own Keto journey. In other words, the Keto boot camps provide an excellent collaborative format that will help you get one step closer to you achieving lose that unwanted weight for good!

Now, this may seem like a lot. However, the critical thing to remember is that by doing these five steps, you are one step closer to creating positive eating and exercising habits that will lead you toward loving the fantastic person that was always there. You are changing your destiny and becoming a more prosperous, happier you! Welcome to the journey. You are going to love it!


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