Me, My Scale & I

One of the true scars of YOYO dieting from an early age is the feeling that my self image and my scale are inextricably attached, super glued together. Cerebrally, I have overcome for the most part, the typical body dysmorphia that comes along with losing half my body weight (on purpose!).  I have even (quite unbelievably) for the first time in my life, looked at a pair of new pants and actually remarked that I thought they would be too BIG on me.  This has never never happened in the entirety of my life, even when it was true.  In my past, everything I bought to wear,  ALWAYS either WAS or I thought WAS too small for me.  Trust me this has been a revelation, but it has taken time to adjust from wearing a size 28 to a size 10 junior.  It’s great but takes time to really enjoy.  

HOWEVER, Me, My Scale & I seem to be an evil triumvirate, no single part of which can survive in this reality alone.  Ok, the scale probably doesn't care about Me or I… 

The truth is that body weight is not consistent and weight loss is not linear - many of us chronic dieters know this from experience.  So we KNOW that daily weigh-ins are not positive, needed,, or supportive…AND YET Daily the meeting of Me, My Scale & I has become a daily ritual that can set the tone for the day.  

Here is a trick that seems to work-OUT OF SIGHT - OUT OF MIND…

  1. Put the scale in the closet.  Get it out of the bathroom and stick a sign on it that says - you are allowed only to set foot on this once a week on (SPECIFY DAY).  Set up a log book that only has a spot for entries once a week, and only check your weight and fill that in once a week.  
  2. Plan a weigh-in scheduled (virtually) with a buddy - make it a thing - call each other at the same time and weigh in and share the good or bad news together.  The coraderis may be better than going through this ritual alone.  Maybe waiting to weigh in so you can share the experience with your buddy might be helpful. 
  3. Set a weekly goal, or monthly goal  - and forget daily goals (not realistic and not healthy!).
  4. If nothing else works - THROW THE SCALE AWAY.  No kidding, you can monitor success via measurements, or clothes that fit better, belts or waist ribbons…maybe having the device gone from your life is the best choice of all.

Personally, I am filing for a divorce from my scale - it has been a negative relationship, and an unfulfilling one.  I know I will have met my goal without the daily dose of weigh-ins.  Throwing off that extra “weight” - the scale in this case -  will expedite my journey - and I hope it does yours.



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