Non-Scale Victory: Having confidence while online shopping

Keto Superheroes Non-Scale Victory: Having confidence while online shoppingThe keto lifestyle has given me much-needed weight loss, more energy, and better concentration. However,  it is only recently that I have realized that it gave me a more positive body image, especially when it comes to online shopping. As most individuals do in this crazy COVID/Delta variant world, buy their clothing online. After all, why risk the chance of contracting either of these things when you can get them sent to your house? However, before entering the wonderful world of Keto, the concept of buying clothing online has always left me feeling nervous-what if they don’t fit, are too big or small, etc.? However, I have been making the Keto journey and slowly but surely have noticed my body getting smaller and trimer. So since I am taking a post graduate course on campus, and I needed to get some clothes for the new semester, I decided to buy some from my favorite online store, Modcloth, which sells beautiful, reasonably priced vintage replica clothing. Instead of focusing on the size of the shirts/jeans as I had done in the past, I concentrated more on what clothes I wanted to buy and the size of each designer (based on my estimate of what size I should fit). Instead of taking a “bad girl” approach as I had done in the past where if I did not fit into a particular size, I was doing something wrong, I realized that each designer’s size specifications were different. More importantly, it was not an indication of my self-worth as a person as I have previously done. As I was buying the items, I realized that there was no reason to be stressed over the item’s size. Because even if the jeans or shirts were too tight or loose, I could quickly just get them altered or use them at a later date. While this revelation may seem rather ordinary for some, it seemed like a significant moment in my psychological evolution toward being the person I have always wanted to be. It just proved that for me, going on the Keto journey was the right step. Besides beautiful jeans and tops, this revelation also inspired me to buy “day” dresses. Buying “day” dresses were something that I had never done before, where  I usually saved those for special occasions or business functions and typically bought jeans/tank tops/cardigans/blouses/tunics. But on that day, I thought, “Why not?” and decided to pick out a few, just to see. Thanks to KetoSuperheroes and Modcloth, I am looking forward to trying on these outfits and wearing them to school (fully masked, of course!). This experience of having the confidence to try new things was a tremendous boost to my psyche, which will continue throughout my life on the Keto lifestyle. 

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- Jessica


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