Non-Scale victory: My boots have become too big!

It is true what they say when you lose weight, your whole body changes, including your feet! When the weather had gotten colder, I decided to try on my beautiful size eleven stretchy, black velvet knee-high boots, which I had just bought a year prior. To my surprise, the shafts of the boots went over my knees and halfway up my thighs. Clearly, my legs are much more toned, and contoured take up much less room in my boots (Hurrah!) They were so loose and hard to walk in. After living this lifestyle for two years and exercising daily, I am still getting used to my new body; it is surprising when things become too big or loose. However, I have never been so proud and ecstatic as to have my shoes not fit. I am so pleased to describe my non scale victory. What’s yours? 

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- Jessica



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