Old Thanksgiving versus Keto Thanksgiving

So as the holidays come about and more people discover that I  have adapted a Keto lifestyle, I am constantly bombarded in different ways the same question, “Aren’t you going to miss a normal Thanksgiving meal?” To answer this question... No, I won’t! Here’s why: 

Old Thanksgiving: So let’s start with a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, where I become consumed with losing as much weight as I possibly can. You might ask why I am doing this? This is because eating the foods always there at Thanksgiving, I will gain a lot of weight eating the very delicious but high carb dishes. Well, some might say, why can’t you control yourself? It’s Thanksgiving, and this holiday combined with Christmas are the two main holidays that, as a society, we are encouraged to OVEREAT!!!!! This is not to say that I did not enjoy the food. However, the after-effects ARE simply not worth it!  Should I even consider going for a second helping, which I always do... there would be someone to offer a snide comment, “Really? Wow! You must have a  healthy appetite.”  Such comments would always want me to eat more. By the end of the meal, I not only hate this holiday and everyone around me, but I feel disgusting and bloated and do not want to move for the rest of the day! 


Keto Thanksgiving: Now, the experience of creating and eating keto thanksgiving is entirely different! I no longer worry about losing weight before the festivities, and I am excited about eating the beautiful turkey, the mashed turnips, and the other keto dishes. I am excited about getting my creative side going, make delicious, decadent keto pies (apple, pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate silk) in new creative ways. I no longer am obsessed with calories. Many keto meals especially the Thanksgiving one, are so filling that I no longer have to worry about overeating and feeling bloated. Instead, I get the opportunity to enjoy good food with family and friends who love this new lifestyle. So in a sense, I get to enjoy the spirit of this holiday better than I ever did on this so-called “normal” Thanksgiving. 

So the question isn’t why I am eating a Keto Thanksgiving….the real question is, why isn’t everyone else? 

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- Jess



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