Ready, Set, Go No more resolutions, excuses, or delays - Your year for achieving the best possible year is here!

Are you constantly making resolutions, and frustrated that you can never accomplish them? Every year on New Year’s eve, I would make a resolution to lose unnecessary weight, to learn a new language, etc. Yet, despite the best of intentions and organization, I always failed year after year. Why? Most times, when things are not going their way will often blow it off, rationalize it isn’t the right time and decide to do it later. If this sounds familiar, take comfort that this is a common struggle. There will always be a reason not to lose weight or try something new unless you are in the right mindset (you would have to do something different). The unknown can be scary, and as human beings, we tend to avoid anything unfamiliar or make us apprehensive. It’s certainly easier to stick with what you know, and your comfort zone.  However, since we have only one life,  shouldn’t we do everything in our power to lead a  fulfilling one, where every day’s an adventure? There are many reasons why people do not follow through: Perhaps you don’t realize all of the things that make you unique, the challenges you have successfully overcome, and the complex everyday tasks you accomplish each day. As I have stated before, you need to change your mindset. This is why the keto journey is so vital to improving your perspective. For as you embrace this lifestyle, you will be amazed  how your perspective can change to the positive, and realize similar to Dorothy’s journey in The Wizard Of Oz, you have had  the power all along, you just did not  know it. Going on the keto journey is the first step in loving yourself more and hating yourself less. 

Some people have difficulty achieving their goals because they get overwhelmed or get  bored with all the steps necessary to accomplishing them.Therefore, like a child refusing to do their chores, they will postpone their journey. Why wait until tomorrow, next week, or even next month? Make yourself the priority-starting today, try new recipes or an exercise program that you have always wanted to try, not to fit in a desired dress or a  pair of jeans, but because it’s fun! Even better, when you get a person trained in the keto lifestyle, you will be able to find fun and delicious foods and exercises that not only help you achieve your goals but you will be energized to do. It will not feel like a chore that needs to be done each day-like doing one’s laundry for example, but rather something you look forward to at the end of the day. The important thing is that regardless of whether you learn a new skill, food recipe, exercise, or food lifestyle, you should never postpone your opportunity of becoming the person that will make you happy. We only have one life to live, so we might as well make it the best one that we can! Ultimately, in order to achieve your goals, it can ‘t just be you. Sometimes we need help getting to the realization that we are worth the time and energy to become our best selves. We at Keto Superheroes want to help you achieve that, where the best version of you is indeed possible.

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- Jess


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