Stop the Holiday madness: How to Celebrate HALLOWEEN 2021 Guilt Free, No Regrets!

Let’s face it! Every year those of us that are body and weight conscious know that holidays always mean weight gain, guilt and anxiety, and then regret when we have to start another yo-yo diet to make up for all of the binging and splurging that we did. It really kind of dilutes the fun that we had because now we have to pay in spades all over again! Who needs it? This year let’s stop the madness and plan to have fabulous holidays, starting with Halloween, decadent food, a great time with friends and family, enjoyment without guilt and best of all, no excuse me, stupid yo-yo diet to make up for the fun! No need for that ever lasting ever present new year resolution diet either!


Rockin’ holiday keto celebration treats and cocktails! 

Our Halloween prep workshop is all about knowing what you can have ready so that you have all the decadent and indulgent treats you want and even some spooky cocktails that will wow the crowd and totally tickle your taste buds! All of them are designed to be at just the right carb levels you need to maintain your program throughout the holidays and are fun! fun! fun! We have some of the best and most popular treats in mind and we will do copycat Kit Kat bars, chunky bars, Nestlé crunch bars, and special spooky cocktails for the grown-ups! After all, it's the holidays, so why not do something fun, different and share it with those you love! For those people with families and children in their world, making some of these can be part of the celebration! They’re fun to make, easy and have few ingredients! You are worth the effort and the fun you have will be extraordinary! Shouldn’t holidays be extraordinary!? Click this link to start the party! Just register for your spot at the workshop and fill out the survey that asks what are your guilty pleasures for the upcoming Halloween holidays! We will be ready to show you how it’s done! Keto style,! NOT ONLY THAT but when you register you can enter the grand HALLOWEEN HOLIDAY drawing for the coolest merch and swag EVER!!!!


Amazingly fun shareable workouts that fit holiday schedules! 

Hey, why should you not continue some physical activity during the holidays?  If you can fit in with your schedule, have fun, and even share with the people that you’re with during these special days, why not? It is not a rule that everything has to blow apart because it's a holiday, right? And isn’t that our downfall so very often? Come listen to Yonas, local fitness rockstar, and hear about his amazing approach to staying fit, having fun, and staying positive during the holidays and throughout the year! The man has lost 120 pounds by just tweaking his normal life one extra activity each day! Come listen and learn how you might be able to apply his philosophy to your life during the holidays and who knows long after! It will be fun, don't miss it!


Dealing with keto haters over the holidays.  

Sometimes when we haven’t seen people for a while and we get together for a holiday everybody decides it’s time to make a comparison with how you looked before and how you look now and be very judgemental and critical. If you have gained weight, heaven forbid, they can be relentless.  If you’ve lost weight they will ask you how and when you say keto, the may come back at you with some really negative misinformed  and, excuse me,  stupid even harsh remarks. As Keto Coaches and people on the journey ourselves, we have heard them all!  How will you handle it, keep your cool, and still enjoy your holidays? Let’s talk about some easy ways to push back and feel good about maintaining your lifestyle regardless of whether people accept it or not. Also keep in mind if you have brought something to the party that is exquisite and that people are munching and enjoying you might point out “hey, so you know that thing that you’re eating? That’s Keto. haha lol.” . Just an idea,  anyway,  we have lots more as to how to manage this as well.


Ultimately, you should celebrate your holidays however they will make you happy! We at Keto Superheroes don’t think that celebrations that end  with guilt and regret make anyone happy and we have a cure to provide you with an alternative this year that will make you happy during the holidays AND after! As you know, we say that the secret sauce for reaching your health and fitness goals is self-love. Let’s plan to have a set of holidays this year that make you love yourself and are fun! Rock on and see you on the 25th! 

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- Rosanna and Jessica


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