The 2021 Holiday Season - A whole new ballgame

In the past, the holiday season was an excuse not to take care of myself.  I would eat too much, stop exercising and generally become a couch potato.  Well that has all changed for the better.  Since I jumped on the keto bandwagon about 2 years ago, I no longer have the desire to “let myself go'' during the holidays.  It’s primarily because I now have a better self image which comes with measurable weight loss and better health and wellness.  Once I made a conscious decision that I’m worth it and self care matters, then the holiday season didn’t seem so overwhelming.  When people don’t value themselves, everything and everyone else comes first and it’s easy to not think about one’s personal needs.  It is important to establish and stick to a routine that prioritizes you, no matter what day of the year it is. People may not admit it, but having structure and order in their lives is very important.   

On the keto journey an unbelievable variety of delicious and healthy food worthy of celebration is part of this unique experience, so there’s no doing without or denying yourself. There are keto versions of everything imaginable, especially holiday treats and having a reason for  going “off the wagon” is not a possibility.  For those lifelong yo-yo dieters focused on short term thinking and weight loss goals then looking for reasons to cheat and binge are only natural. This is about permanent change for a lifetime, so holiday or no holiday it doesn’t matter. It’s not about being strong or self disciplined at all, so the keto lifestyle is very freeing. You can actually look forward to social situations such as family gatherings and parties. It's about taking charge of your life and knowing what’s good for you and planning ahead. It feels very natural to manage social situations where there are non-keto foods by simply choosing a keto alternative or bringing one along. I bet if you bring homemade keto treats and desserts to these gatherings and have guests try the food, they will love it and not care if it’s keto or not. What matters to people is that it tastes good.  Just imagine  eating all this delicious food and losing weight at the same time. Yes, it does happen on Keto. I’m living proof of it. 

After the holidays typically come New Year’s resolutions about getting in shape and losing weight. Many people sign up for gym memberships in January and go for a while but by February or March have either stopped going altogether or only rarely. These are the people quick to rationalize why they don’t go more often and use family and work as excuses. It’s not about a gym membership, that’s the easy part and doesn’t show real commitment. It’s only when someone is fully vested and committed to their wellness in spite of life’s many challenges that the journey becomes successful.. The wonderful thing is that taking care of yourself is not selfish but very important. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?  This can be a life changing experience for the better and leave a past filled with guilt and shame behind forever.  If I can work for me it can work for you too.  #healthylifestyle #holisticketo #keto #ketolifestyle #ketosuperheroes #selflove



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