The Basics of Keto

Congratulations on making the wise choice to start the Keto lifestyle and end yo-yo dieting forever. It’s a positive first step to becoming the best version of yourself.  For the journey to be successful, you have to understand some basic concepts and principles of Keto.  As they say, knowledge is power and having the right information from the start will more likely produce positive results.  Many people starting keto get their information from unreliable and unconfirmed sources especially on social media which can be downright dangerous.  We present this information in an unbiased and objective manner based on the science and supported by medical experts and nutritionists in the field. This information and guidance is also based on our own keto experience individually and as a team.    

The key to a successful Keto lifestyle involves not only limiting your carbohydrate intake but replacing it with rich healthy fats and clean proteins. (details to follow).  Some experts suggest limiting your consumption of carbs to 20 grams ( total) per day.  However, others indicate that 20 net carbs per day should be the limit.  A common question for those just starting out on the journey is: what’s the difference between total carbs and net carbs.  Here’s what you need to know and how to determine which is right for you.    

The primary goal of the keto lifestyle is to get your body in a state of ketosis and stay there.  You are changing your body from being a carb (sugar) burner to a fat burner which brings it to a whole new level of energy.  How you do this is by literally signalling your body to make this conversion from carb burner to fat burner based on the foods you provide it. In response to the intake of more fats, medium amounts of proteins and very low levels of carbs your body produces more ketos. Your body used to burn sugar (glucose) for energy and to stay alive but now it will use ketones instead.  (Ketones are a natural substance in your body produced by the liver). Popular misinformation is that you need to take synthetic ketones in some form to speed fat burning and weight loss).  You probably have heard people discuss getting into ketosis and how to do it very quickly. The only recommended way to achieve ketosis is to significantly reduce your carb intake long enough to signal your body to produce ketones from stored and consumed fats and use them for energy.  Once your body is trained it will stay in ketosis as long as you stick with a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet.  There are several critical things you must do to correct the myth that it’s just about the food.

The right amount of carbs to be consumed daily is unique to each person, although popular wisdom is that 20 net carbs is the standard. (This is where your free certified keto coach  will come in very handy to help you customize your optimal food plan). Many medical, nutritional, fitness and science experts believe that the ketogenic lifestyle is beneficial for overall health reasons by limiting daily carb intake to 20 total grams.  As you may be familiar with tracking calories, now we will help you learn to track your macros very easily.  The whole process is made very simple and takes a few minutes a day using excellent free applications on your phone or PC, like “carb manager” and “my fitness pal” plus many more.  You are actually tracking macros which are short for macronutrients, which includes not only your daily carb count but also fat and protein.  The magic is the balance of proteins, fats and carbs.  Those of us living the keto lifestyle successfully know that the best proportions are: fats between 60 - 80%, protein  between 10 - 20% and carbs between 5- 10% of your daily food consumption.  However, keep in mind that these percentages will vary from person to person based on pre-existing health conditions, fitness level, age etc..It also depends on your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

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- Phil

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