The critical first steps that will have a significant impact on your life

We all want to lose weight, and we come up with these grand plans of how to do it: We will get rid of the “bad foods.” Or perhaps you want to fully embrace a specific food lifestyle like the Mediterranean or the french diet. Or are inspired to do an hour's worth of exercise each day, after only doing typically exercising for ten minutes? Embracing such extremes which encourage an “all or nothing”  mentality is not effective towards weight loss. When people assume such extremes, they will  not lose weight. They likely will  gain it back by  going back to their unhealthy habits because their plan to eat healthy was so extreme that it makes it hard to sustain, whereas their unhealthy habits  were easier. So, in other words, to be successful toward weight loss  or living a truly healthy life, one would  need to take small steps that are cohesive with one’s current lifestyle. For example, when I started exercising, I started walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes a day for a week. And then afterward, I would keep adding thirty minutes each week until eventually, I got to a point where I was exercising for two hours and loving every minute of it. However, that is what works for me and may not work for you. Others’ first steps toward their better selves were to reduce their sugar intake by not having sugar in their coffee. While other individuals first free contents to reduce their ability to be tempted by the “carby products” in the house by putting them somewhere, they cannot get access to them. Others may call a coach and talk about their weight loss plan. It does not matter what small step you decide to take,  it must be something that you feel like you are in control of. This is important since we often make bad decisions when we feel out of control. This mainly occurs when people go on new diets or take on new food lifestyles. It is essential that whatever first step you take makes you feel comfortable and not what others think you should do. Because even though your friends and family members may be empathetic or even supportive, it will be you making the decisions. Therefore, every small action you do has to feel like you can do them every day. Although one would want to lose all of the unwanted weight instantly, it is essential to take these small steps into a new weight loss program or lifestyle.. Each of these new steps will have a profound effect on not only your physical health but also have the potential of healing one’s “scars” at the same time. 

So the question is, what new steps are you going to take that will change your life?

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- Jess


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