The difference between a Keto Coach and a Keto Sherpa

What is the difference between a keto Coach and a keto sherpa?

There are plenty of Keto Coaches in the world to choose from who do, more or less, the same thing.  However, only Keto Superheroes (KSH) Sherpas will guide you through all phases of your never-ending journey to health, wellness and happiness.  There are quite a few key differences between the two.  One of the main differences is that a coach will meet with you periodically based on a predetermined schedule of appointments.  On the other hand,  a KSH Sherpa is a trusted advisor and confidant available  all day every day to give you a boost of confidence or to answer any questions you may have.  Often a professional coach approaches clients from a business perspective where the profit motive is a significant factor.  You have to be able to afford them.  A KSH sherpa provides all the services of a coach and much more free of charge. 

Keto Coaches may or may not be certified.   They may follow a standard (one size fits all) approach and not be focused on your specific needs for a lifetime..  KSH only uses certified coaches who are experts in the keto lifestyle, and can tailor a program to meet your specific goals forever.  Keto Coaches may have the necessary credentials, but may (or may not) have taken a similar journey to health and wellness as those they coach..  KSH sherpas are selected based on real life experience of many of our friends on the journey and represent  men and women of all ages, different fitness levels, states of health, cultures, marital status and all life and work styles.   They have walked the walk.  

Keto coaches and health coaches in general have a specific schedule when they are available for support and consultation.  However,  KSH Sherpas are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and even on holidays and regardless of time zones.  These are often the hardest times for people on the journey and when they need their coaches the most.  Keto coaches can provide excellent advice, but are not held to the same standard as KHS sherpas who have a personal long-term investment in your well-being.  

True to their name, KSH Sherpas get to know you very well, know the path you are on because they have traveled it before and help you stay on course. Sherpas plan for the road ahead and know the terrain, minimizing the risk of failure . They can anticipate challenges and obstacles on the journey and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.  Sherpas follow you side by side and have the wisdom and foresight to help you meet your goals and not succumb to the pitfalls and traps which have resulted in past failures.  

With a sherpa at your side, you will never feel alone or lost. You can have the life you’ve always imagined full of health, wellness and happiness.  It is within your grasp, we just provide the tools and the knowhow.    When you have reached your goals your sherpa will lay out the path to ensure you never have to make the journey again. Should you wish to help others, your sherpa can talk to you about becoming a sherpa yourself.  We are here for you!

- Philip

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