The holistic approach to Keto and weight loss

Tell me if this has happened to you: You have decided to embrace the Keto lifestyle. You are in Ketosis! You are exercising! Yet despite all of this, you are not losing weight. Why’s this occurring? The truth is that there are a few critical factors related to Keto success and weight loss: The first is Food: For example, there are lots of food marked as Keto, but if you look at the ingredients and the nutritional facts, they are not. Another thing related to food is that you can be eating “Keto-friendly” items but are consuming too much. Thus, throwing yourself out of ketosis and becoming a carb burner once more. The second significant factor is through one’s sleep patterns. For example, suppose your work or stressful events occurring in your life can hinder your ability to get the recommended levels of sleep. In that case, this can contribute to your ability to lose weight. Another factor is physical activity. For example, if you view physical activity as a chore, you are more likely to give up on it. The fact is that the more fun people have while exercising, the more likely they will continue!  However, perhaps the most significant factor that impacts actual sustainable weight loss is managing one’s stress level. Every day, we encounter very stressful things that occur during work or with friends or family. This is certainly understandable and has happened to many people during their keto journey, including me. Many times, I would eat food because of a stressful situation with my family, work, or school. I also know that if I didn’t develop a strategy, I would not be able to achieve my goal, which was to be successful in my keto journey and lose weight. Which if you are reading this blog, this is a goal that may be similar to your own. Luckily, I had a keto coach who was able to help me develop strategies of how to handle these situations that did not involve “emotional eating.” All of the factors described above can negatively impact your ability to be successful or not l on the keto journey. In other words, to achieve keto and weight loss success, all aspects of your life must be balanced with one another. Another essential point to remember is how you define your keto lifestyle as successful in the short or long term. For example, many individuals embrace the “keto challenge,” where their goal is to follow the rules of this fantastic lifestyle but do so to make their friends or family or partner happy. However, this only lasts for so long before they either achieve this short-term goal and then go “off” the lifestyle, only to gain back the weight that they were so eager to lose in the first place. This is why the holistic approach to Keto is so necessary for successful weight loss! It is more than just eating the right foods or doing exercise every day. It is about establishing strategies that will keep life in balance, that will allow you to be successful in your weight loss and keto journey.  #healthylifestyle #holisticketo #keto #ketolifestyle #ketosuperheroes #selflove

- Jess


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