The Magic, Power and Secret Sauce of Health, Fitness, and Happiness (yes, really)

Wisdom is something we may gain with age, but certainly more from experience.  Think about it for a second - the things you do perfectly or best - yes you do have some, stop self flagellating - are the ones you failed at in the past.  All the biggies starting with learning to walk, talk, feed yourself - wow,  I got too good at that one at points - you failed long before you succeeded.  Welcome to life as we know it.  So when you fail a lot at getting to the health, fitness, and happiness that you desire - when you are trying for the YOU you will love, you failed at first. You may be still failing - so you will be happy to hear what the magical spell, dream answer, and ultimate solution is.  Not fairy dust, and it is not illegal - and it's actually kind of boring.  Do not ignore the amazing power of a simple schedule.  Please keep reading - because I know you are thinking - oh, please done that, been there, and no that is not the answer for me,  SCHEDULING is the answer if you want to make steps toward the most amazing accomplishments - and chop that dream salami down into edible, delicious slices you can manage. 

Okay, all good schedules start with good lists.  THAT is the hard part - but you can do it!  What do you want to accomplish this week - yep one week at a time to start, and you will see the whole beautiful success machine will just push you to where you want to go.  So, as a chronic dieter and even as a fitness coach, I often ran out of day before I got to the things I needed to do for me.  Drinking enough, getting some physical activity in every day, planning the right foods for me that I love and serve my weight loss goals, getting enough sleep, having time to sit down and eat a good meal, not on the run - these all ended up at one point or another in the “not enough time today” pile.  DING! Wrong answer!  Always do what you always did and continue to get the same results - nope not this year!  SO…I made a list of my needs plus all the other stuff, working, family, pets, shopping, and I organized a schedule so everything got done - YES THAT IS POSSIBLE.  I cannot tell you how GREAT I feel, rested, and less stressed - and the psychological plus of not feeling so put upon, and enslaved by everything except what I need, is gone.  YES!!!!!!  

So I get up a little earlier, but I also go to bed a bit earlier, trading some really good sleep for some nonsense television I used to watch, just out of habit. When working at home, a lot  lately,  I plan to put dinner in to cook (usually something in the oven, it's simpler and easier) earlier in the afternoon so it's hot and ready for dinner time.  I plan an exercise routine that allows me to get strong, use up calories, and de-stress - every night - yep that is what I need, it's different for everyone.  I stack my water bottle, coffee cup, and several cans of seltzer or tonic at my desk so I never get dehydrated.  The plan is like this magic potion. That addresses all the things I never did in a calm, methodical way, that now are the pillars of every (pleasing, much calmer) day.  When I look at the scale and the numbers are going down (just as planned!), and I look in the mirror and I look refreshed and rested, and when I fit nicely into the jeans that were skin tight, all I can think is why didn't I just do that sooner?  And for that matter, why don't you.  We all make lists and plans, for work, for trips, for life events like moving from one place to another. It’s how things get done.  We complete school work, keep our jobs, or run our businesses by making lists and keeping to schedules - right? So we can be motivated to execute on plans for many reasons - how about us? How about you?  I wager that although you may not always think it, YOU should be the top priority when it comes to list and plan making.  

So how do you do it - there are two recommended ways - one is easy, and one is harder.  The harder way is to sit down, make a list of the things you need to do to take good care of YOU, and to get to the fitness, weight, and energy goals you desire.  Then plan the schedule that supports them, and execute accordingly, cheering yourself on, and being your own support system.  This is doable, but unnecessarily harder.  The easy way is just sign up for some free coaching with me or any of the other certified health and wellness/life Keto Superheroes coaches who walk the walk, and talk the talk.  Let us help you define your goals, plan your days/weeks schedules and cheer you on your journey to the best YOU, ever.  Whatever path you choose, trust me, planning is your best friend, who will introduce you to the YOU you will love.  Don’t hesitate, decide, plan, schedule and GO!  The best YOU ever is waiting ahead!

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