Why did you fail at Keto Before? What Stopped You Before?

This is the moment to recognize that one way or another, your whole life has been a series of steps toward or farther away from the you that you were always meant to be. Right now, at this moment you have a unique opportunity to go through a curated, guided  process, to identify once and for all who that new YOU really is. This blog was written for people like you, by people like you, to help you evolve and grow into that person.  The first step is simple and easy for some and quite challenging for others.  Depending on what you really want, this blog and the support that comes along with it,  is the work table the new YOU will successfully achieve and what you will do to transform yourself into the new improved, happier, healthier, fitter and most importantly confident version of you.  

So just around now all your self doubt will start to rise around you and the naysayer voices will be screaming, your own and those of others will ask incredulously, “HOW? How does one magically transform into this best version so worthy of self love?”  From experience, we can honestly say absolutely NONE of it is magic, ALL of it is totally possible, even probable with one condition only, its amazingly simple, but NOT easy, totally worth it, and crazily enough - every one of us, like Dorothy and her Red Ruby Slippers, ALWAYS had the power make this transformation, just never did. 

So what stopped you before?  The one condition required is you have to want to be the YOU that you will love.  And no, do not say, of course, I want that, as if everyone goes through life loving themselves, and acting accordingly, because you know that is not true.  People who have grown up loving who they are, do not buy blogs like this.  Why would they need them?  Wanting to be the best version of yourself is not just “saying” it or even just “believing” it. The condition for absolute success in this kind of life changing, awesome transformation is the desire that triggers action and prioritizes what one does EVERYDAY.  When we say someone is religious about something we mean they adhere to a set of rituals, tasks and priorities EVERYDAY - they do not have to involve prayer or worship, just a daily focus on a meaningful mission. Transformation from the YOU you are now and the one you will love is one commitment away, that you matter and decisions you make EVERYDAY will support your best interests (too, not exclusive of everyone else’s). 

Relationships and Conditions

Your emotions and your memory are tightly woven together and one affects the other throughout your life.  For many of us, self hate and poor self image have accumulated over years.  One of the reasons that you may have failed so far and  are delayed in finding the YOU you will love is that you may not realize some of the things that have stopped you before.  If this is the case, here are some memory joggers for you. 

First, have you really ever looked for that YOU?  It is very hard to find something, or in this case, someone, YOU, if your search was not fully focused on YOU, holistically, YOU.  Likely your previous plans for self improvement were focused on “fixing” not finding some aspect of yourself that you particularly find unappealing.  The most popular and common health and wellness do-it-yourself, fixer-upper is centered on body image.  Think of how many times you have planned to lose weight, or even did lose some weight, only to find that weeks or months later all the lost weight had returned.  CLASSIC! How does that happen?  Well first of all the premise that “if I lose weight I will be happy and like myself” is totally and completely WRONG.  Basing your self image on your weight or size is dicey and superficial.  What if your friend or lover tells you “I love you” with the condition “as long as you look appealing to me?”  Right? Conditional love is so flimsy and unsatisfying - we want people to love us “for ourselves,” don’t we>  So we don’t really like or trust superficial people that care for us only on condition.  Well, face the music, my friend - guess what? If you have failed in the past to find and become the best version of yOU, the YOU you will love, so far - it is because YOU YOURSELF are your own conditional friend.  You can like yourself better if you fit in that pair of jeans, swim at the pool and be proud of your body, have a flat belly - but if not, you are a fair weather friend, meaning self sabotaging “friend.”  Interesting isn’t it? Why you may have failed in the past could be as simple and powerful as that = YOUR current YOU don't like, YOU, let alone love you. Yeah, we need to work on that. 

Another reason you may have not found the YOU you will love, the most common reason, is that your motivation to persist and achieve this amazing goal was stopped, by you, because you did not feel that you deserved it.  It's a vicious cycle, you don’t move forward to the YOU that will make you feel confident and happy, because you are not, you guessed it - feeling worthy.  This is a common thing, more common than you may think!  The truth is, you have already crossed your first of many finish lines! 

The fact that you have this blog and you are reading it, means that YOU DO want to find the YOU you will love.  You have made the first of many small commitments, to yourself, that one by one, step by step, will lead you to the YOU you were always meant to be, and that will smile back at you from that mirror. 

So, in case that was not clear, let’s reiterate.  You may have failed in the past for a million reasons, a trillion small events, situations, glances, words, conditions, emotions, experiences and more that made you think less of yourself, and convinced you for whatever reason that you were not as valuable as you really are.  The PAST is behind you, and I suggest you leave it there.  Before you is the path to the version of YOU that you deserve and will love.  It’s as simple as that.  The biggest thing you can do for yourself, the life changer, the turning point for you is right now - and TODAY.  Even if this journey to the YOU you will love started 10000 times - it cannot stop you from being successful NOW as long as you assert your right to be happy and like yourself.  ARE YOU READY?  It really is up to you - and it's totally doable based on taking the smallest of steps, each day, and recognizing each one, as a small building block of a lifetime and lifestyle you richly deserve.  YES, you deserve it.  

You probably did not have a clear picture of the YOU you will love - and that is a snapshot we will build together so you have a focused target for all your efforts.  The questions below will help you formulate some characteristics of the YOU you will love, so you have a clear picture of that version of yourself.  The idea is to live a life of continuous improvement, that deepens your appreciation of yourself and in essence supports a more and more profound contribution to the world.  None of us actually know how long we will be here in this life, this ;level of service to our friends, family, inner circle, employers, neighborhood, countries, the world and the universe.  While we are here, there is no doubt that our best versions of ourselves will be better equipped to make a positive impact as we choose.  Maybe your best version of yourself cares about that as well. 

Other reasons you may never have identified the YOU you will love or just didn't get far enough in your journey could be either of these common issues.  

  1. You probably did not have a knowledgeable coach or an experienced  lifeline to help you through the journey. The whole trip is so much better, easier, more fun and more successful, sooner with the right help. Having someone who can empathize and guide you, cheer you up when you are down, who cares if you succeed or not, and will have faith in you when you don’t - that is what these angelic sherpas do for those on the journey.  They are like superheroes that fly into the chaos of life, and provide cover and support, lift us over the barriers, break through our own emotional nonsense and insecurities, because they know how they overcame their own.  So rare in people’s lives, having a good coach is a success factor few ever enjoy because they cannot afford it. You can sign up for a free one today right here on www.ketosuperheroes.net.
  2. You probably did not have a whole community of people just like you to support you on this important journey.  Most of us trying to engage in self improvement go it alone. We take the same path again and from people on their journey, peers to you in yours, can give you perspective and a sense of belonging that amazingly powers your steps forward.  You will meet many you will be introduced to through this blog that will inspire you, motivate you, act as accountability buddies if you need them, share their successes and failures, and make you realize how imperfect people, flawed humans, that we all are, can do amazing things and reach goals once and for all we never thought we could. www.ketosuperheroes.net.will soon include a FORUM just for all the people on the journey who are sharing this journey - stay tuned! Because you signed in today you will be notified when that is live and ready for your posts, questions and thoughts!
  3. You did not have the information or tools you needed to help you define what your new vision of yourself, the YOU you will love.  Having the right resources is essential to your success.  There is a list of questions you need to think about and answer to get your head around your current sense of self, who you are, and what the best version of yourself is going to be. Every chapter of this blog includes an online form you can fill out, for FREE, that helps you gather your thoughts and plan your steps, one at a time that will get you to your desired (first) destination.  Your life, you may soon realize, can easily be organized ahead of you into a series of self directed steps that at each stage going forever, until your last breath, support the evolution you define.  With each level of your new self, Imagine for a moment, that every day, instead of liking yourself a little less, as one who disappoints you or who you do not fully appreciate, instead every day you like yourself a little bit more, for once admiring the achiever you continue to become.  Imagine that the person in the mirror is one that engenders pride in you, a little more every day.  This is what you deserve - and what awaits you ahead, if you are willing to take the first step. There is nothing stopping you this time, go for it.  You will be so glad you did! 

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- Rosanna

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