Why does Keto lifestyle require a holistic approach?

Question: Have you ever gone on social media sites  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and noticed that there are some people who say they are doing really well on this lifestyle, while others really seem to be struggling with losing weight? Have you ever asked yourself why? No, this is not because these “successful” people have a personal chef, trainer or even a motivation coach that lives with them (although that would be nice, wouldn’t it?). Rather these  individuals have learned the importance of implementing a holistic viewpoint within their own keto lifestyle. Now you may be wondering why the implementation of a holistic viewpoint is so important to one’s success, especially if they have stated they are dedicating themselves to living the clean, dirty, lazy keto lifestyle. As many of us recognize, the only way to succeed  at any lifestyle is to make all decisions to support it. To give you an example of this, one of my good friends has truly embraced the “surfer’s lifestyle”. Therefore, every decision my friend makes which includes his food choices, the location of his house, his choice of jobs, all center around his passion of surfing. Now you may be wondering why I am bringing up this example, and the reason why is this: When you are committing to living  a healthy keto lifestyle, it is more than just a decision  to choose foods that  support it. It has to include everything else as well. You need to arrange your life to get sufficient sleep, proper hydration, and physical activity. It also includes the realization that you as a person are important and assert yourself to defend your lifestyle, regardless of whether those that are in your life approve or disapprove of it or not. This sadly can include  the people that you are closest to: These can potentially  include family, friends, coworkers, partners, etc. Although this may be difficult for many to do, it is important to remember that this type of food program is best viewed as a  way of life. Many view Keto as a  short term challenge or a crash diet-where one can lose the desired weight for a specified time for a specific goal. Examples of this are losing the undesired weight for a swimsuit or a dress for the summer, wedding, party, etc. Those that have truly embraced holistic aspects in their keto lifestyle are successful, is because all decisions that are made are reflective of achieving their long term goals of losing the undesirable weight and maintaining it for the rest of their lives.  However, those that are using this amazing lifestyle for superficial goals of losing the weight for a dress or bathing suit for an event, it is hardly surprising when such persons are unsuccessful in the long term. Examples of this type of perspective can be seen in a person’s viewpoint of dating versus getting married, renting or buying a house, or even spending all one’s money on “needed” items versus developing a long term saving plan. Thus, the keto lifestyle is not for all individuals, especially those that are not in it for the long haul.However the rare group of individuals who are dedicated toward losing the undesirable weight forever are often successful in their efforts. I am honoured to  say that I am a sherpa/guide for those that are committing  to making this journey, and desire to change their perceptions of themselves. I am seeing those that want to change their current reality are doing so simply by making them change their self perception through their daily choices. 

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- Jessica


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