Why having a Keto Coach is Important!

It’s important to have a qualified coach with the necessary experience and education to assist you in meeting your health and fitness goals.  Your coach will guide you through every step of the journey and help prevent any hiccups or missteps.  There’s so much to learn as a newcomer for example, how the process of ketosis works and what macros are and how to track them.   Our philosophy is different in that Keto is considered a lifestyle and not a diet.  Ketosuperheroes has set in motion a  coaching program that places emphasis on the needs and requirements of the individual.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  Those on the journey come from all walks of life and have various levels of experience with Keto from beginner to advanced. All coaching sessions are conducted virtually with people on the journey located all around the world in multiple time zones.  This points to the fact that obesity is a global problem regardless of age or culture.  

Ketosuperheroes offers a unique opportunity for one on one access to a certified coach, who knows all the ins and outs, and tips and tricks associated with the keto lifestyle.  We can help personalize your meal plan and to include the foods you like.  We have a 60 day Keto food plan which includes  no-cook options for every meal, zip yum meals prepared in 15 minutes or less and zen yum meals which take longer to prepare and provide a more extended and meditative cooking experience.  By having a keto coach on your side throughout the process, you can be confident about your decisions and plans because knowledge is power.  Many start out with little to no prior knowledge of what keto is, but gain experience with the help of their coach.  People sometimes get off on the wrong foot by looking at keto as a short term measure to meet a specific weight reduction goal and not a permanent change in lifestyle.  When they’ve reached their short-term goal they tend to  gain the weight back and start the process again or get discouraged and  give up altogether.  It's a never ending vicious cycle of weight gain and loss.  With a certified Keto coach by your side you can learn to lose weight permanently and never start over again. 

Here at Ketosuperheroes, we take a holistic approach looking at the whole person and the mind-body connection.  We don’t solely focus on the food plans or recipes like many coaches do.   Yes, food is important but it's only one component of an overall approach to achieve your clearly defined health and fitness goals.  Without well defined goals and a purposeful approach one will not succeed.  Other important elements often  neglected in the interest of losing weight fast include exercise, water consumption, rest and stress reduction.  People tend to look for quick fixes or shortcuts to weight loss with little thought given to the long term consequences of their actions.  Our coaches take a very different approach which focuses on long term health and wellbeing

A common question our coaches get asked is “Will keto enable me to lose a large amount of weight in a short time?” Generally speaking, people lack patience and fail to see the value in a more measured and balanced approach over time.  We take an uplifting,  supportive and sustainable approach which focuses on the practical integration of keto into everyday life. There are enough alternatives in the world for people to lose weight quickly and temporarily. Our focus is the gradual loss of weight and keeping it off for a lifetime. We are always happy to help those we coach to explore options if they wish including supplements, ketones etc. and help them make educated decisions. 

Many people ask what are the differences between a dirty, lazy and clean keto.   Our goal is to help you get to your vision of your better self.  We at Ketosuperheroes practice what we preach and operate on the basis of high moral and ethical standards.  We’ve been on the journey ourselves and understand all the pitfalls. As they say honesty is the best policy. This is our mantra.  We always put your interests first, since it’s all about your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

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- Philip 



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