Why Keto as a Lifestyle?

Keto has quickly become a way of life for my family and me.  When we started the Keto journey about two years ago, we were uncertain about how it could be fully integrated into our very busy schedules.  As it turned out, the transition wasn’t very difficult at all.  The first important step was to get rid of all high carb foods in our pantry and refrigerator.  By freeing ourselves of our carb addiction we’ve been introduced to a whole new world of tastes, aromas and textures which makes the Keto lifestyle so interesting.  A lifestyle, as opposed to a diet, must be sustainable for the long term and indeed it is.  A common misconception is that consuming foods high in fat, over a long time, contributes significantly to such adverse health conditions as heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  Medical studies have shown that weight loss and associated increase in exercise, adequate hydration, better sleep actually result in a marked improvement in these conditions 


However, one’s genetics may cause elevated cholesterol levels in people who are in otherwise good health meaning they have a nutritious well rounded diet, are not overweight, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep and stay hydrated.   If keto is considered only a diet than it is temporary in nature and driven by the desire, for example, to lose just enough weight to fit into smaller clothing for a special event such as a wedding. The motivation is coming from external sources and the need to please and be accepted by others.  It is not about self care or self love.  At this stage in personal development, there is no thought of permanent change, only meeting a short term superficial goal.   Once the event is over the natural tendency is to return to old habits and the yo-yo effect of weight gain and loss begins anew.  

When you value yourself as a unique individual deserving of self love and appreciation, then what was once a random isolated thought becomes a burning desire for continual self improvement.  A lifestyle change permeates all aspects of your life and is not merely a compartmentalized extension of it.  As feelings of self worth grow, so does the need to improve your health and well being.  It becomes the central core of your existence.  It defines who you are and what matters to you.   It is defined by a strong internal compass which points you in the right direction, not dictated by others.  When we are young, we often seek the approval and acceptance of others, especially our parents and siblings. We want to meet their expectations for us, regardless of how unrealistic they seem to be.  In hindsight of course.  In many families kids are often compared to each other as if they are interchangeable parts.  For example, a mother may say to her son: “why can’t you be more like Johnny across the street.  He’s a good looking, smart and well behaved kid.” or “you’re such a disappointment to me, I had such high expectations for you.  In other words, just change who you are, which is not so easy a task.   In later life that leads to feelings of self doubt, poor self esteem and image, and lack of motivation to succeed. Oh the self doubt,.that one’s a killer,  It’s the nagging feeling that you're just not good enough...that no matter what you do it won’t make a difference..you're just a big loser.. 

Many people deal with these emotional traumas by overeating and binging which is a habit  passed on from generation to generation within many families.  This is not to say that Keto is the answer for everyone or will solve all their problems.  However, at least in my family's experience, what was once an experiment is now a permanent way of life with no turning back.  Over time, what was considered impossible becomes doable, within reason, of course.  The black cloud over your head starts to dissipate and blue skies peek through.  Keto has had a greater impact on my life than I ever imagined.  I used to eat for the sake of eating and out of habit.  Now we tend to eat when we are hungry and not to mask our feelings. A much better and healthier outlet is finding new and challenging physical activities based on our renewed energy.  

We eat because we really love our delicious food, feel satisfied and don’t feel deprived afterwards.   Now we look forward to our food as part of a lifestyle that encourages health, wellness,  happiness and fun. With keto the skies the limit..Why not try keto… what have you got to lose, except plenty of unneeded unhealthy weight and a future full of possibilities... 

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