Zip Yum and Zen Yum: The ultimate food experiences for the Keto lifestyle

We at Keto Superheroes are people who believe that Keto is the best possible way to lose weight and still eat amazing, decadent things. Therefore, we have designed two  food prep strategies  built around a philosophy of self care to help people on their long term weight loss journey: Zip Yum and Zen Yum. 


Zip Yum was designed for those who have only a few minutes or a small window of time to create their meals, whether it be for a specific time of the day (under fifteen minutes)  or even the week. Our amazing, delicious, decadent sixty day keto meal plan, offers options for anyone on keto whether they like to cook or not, and no matter how busy their schedule is.  For example, let’s say you only have five minutes to make your breakfast or lunch or dinner or dessert.  Our options provide a way to have a great keto meal  in no time with no cooking every day! For example, a person could  throw together some sliced mozzarella, walnuts and berries into a container for a quick great breakfast for the table, on the road or your desk! Check out option one on the sixty day keto meal plan for a quick answer to the question “what can i eat for breakfast when I have no time?” PS, for those who have to load their children into the car first thing in the morning, this kind of portable breakfast is really fun and nutritious (and cheaper than the fast food at the drive through!) Many people that we are helping on the journey, live very busy lives that require one or more mobile meals because of work, school, household schedule and so much more. Option one on every day in the plan provides an easy choice of foods to fill that fast gap, without succumbing to something too sugary but available in your travels...It is not about self control, it is about planning (planning is your friend).  If you are a person who only has five minutes to make something  before the next Zoom meeting  gets started, you could make yourself a Keto Spinach and Kale Salad (see our menu for the recipe) with strawberries and sparkling water, and still be able to make it! For dinner, if you are “on call” unexpectedly and are needed at work, and obviously you need to make something fast...a person could microwave a frozen turkey burger...throw lettuce, tomatoes and olives into a container  and go! For dessert, if you wanted something quick but sweet, all you would have to do is microwave Lily’s delicious chocolate chips with macadamia nuts. Also, Zip Yum offers recipes for those who may have fifteen minutes at night or even during the day, to make food for the following day or even a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. For example, a person could make scrambled eggs or keto strawberry muffins (see our menu for the recipe and others for ideas). For lunch, if they have fifteen minutes, they could make a keto tuna salad or portobello mushrooms with stuffing. For dinner, you could make yourself a delicious omelette or roast a delicious salmon or chicken. For dessert (which some say is the best part of the day), you could make yourself delicious chocolate walnut fat bombs. Really much  like the non-bake options, there are so many possibilities to choose from, all under fifteen minutes! People aren’t you worth fifteen minutes? We really think you are!

Another important aspect to the success of Keto in regard to weight loss is finding ways to manage your stress level. For some, it is the excitement of playing an instrument, a new exercise or taking the time to do yoga for the first time. For some people, the process of cooking, baking or  even cutting up vegetables can lead a person to decompress from their daily stress. Recognizing this, we at Keto Superheroes have developed an exclusive food strategy called Zen Yum. Zen Yum offers recipes like delicious/decadent cinnamon rolls, three layer cakes,breads, cookies, appetizers, gelatos, croissants, Turkey dinner, shepherd's pie, etc. All of the meals in the Zen Yum take some time to make, but they allow the cook to re-focus and relax after a stressful day. Also,  some of the Zen Yum meals result in prepared food that can be used for multiple additional meals throughout the week. It also allows you to show off your cooking skills to family and friends, and illustrate how amazing/wonderful Keto is when going to celebrations and parties. 

Whether you choose Zip Yum or Zen Yum, Keto Superheroes are committed to make it easy, fun and relaxing for you to really embrace this lifestyle. So come and take a look at our “60 days Keto superheroes, no nonsense or boredom plan” and all the recipes that we have selected to share with you and begin your journey today!

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