Rediscovering the simple joy of walking

Is Walking a good form of exercise for keto?

Can Walking help you to lose weight?

Is walking a good form of exercise?

I’m a middle aged guy who grew up in a large city at a time when people used to walk everywhere to get from one place to another.  Not everyone had cars and would travel either by foot or public transportation.  Back then, a kid’s world was defined by the neighborhood in which he or she lived. In my mind, it was the center of the universe.  Everywhere I needed to go was within walking distance including my school, library, recreation center, friends houses etc… This was also a time when parents were generally unconcerned about their children's safety walking around the neighborhood by themselves.  I usually walked with a purpose.  I had to get from point A to point B within a certain amount of time. I knew exactly how long it took to get from one place to another barring any unforeseen occurrence.   I thought nothing of walking sometimes long distances and was always brought what was needed for the trip.  I recently started taking walks again but this time for pleasure.  What a concept!  I’ve been starting up a new business with my family which requires long hours sitting at a computer every day which takes a toll on my mental and physical well being.  I found that by taking a 30 minute walk each day,  it clears my head, loosens up stiff muscles and joints, and provides some fresh (or not so fresh) air.  I find that more and more of my time is spent indoors away from the beauty and serenity of nature. Yes,  I do it not only for exercise, but as a way of clearing my cluttered mind and refocusing on the world around me.  Yes, I wear a fitness watch which tells me how many steps I’ve taken and the number of calories burned.  It’s nice to know, but it’s not really about that.  It also allows me to think through a solution to a problem that’s been bugging me away from the distractions of the home office.  When I’m walking with my wife we can focus on each other and point out little things that are of interest to us such a unique house design or an unusual flower.  It’s not something we would notice if we were driving in the high speed. It allows us to see the world at a much slower pace.  I think we all need to slow down at one time or another although family and work responsibilities tend to push us in the other direction.    My daily walks have become the highlight of my day and I really look forward to it.  I can just be for a short period of time and get back to a peaceful state of mind and body working as one.    It takes me back to what seemed to be simpler and less complicated life when I walked to the corner store with my shopping list with specific instructions prepared by mom in her very elegant handwriting.  

  It's important on your journey to find healthy and natural ways to decompress  and walking is a great way to do it. Some people may choose other less healthy outlets such as alcohol and drugs, but this is counterproductive to meeting your health and fitness goals.  So try taking a walk as part of your journey and let us know how it’s going.  Your daily walks are made up of a series of steps that will take you where you want to go. It costs nothing and will do you a world of good. 

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