Why Kettlebell?

What is a great form of exercise for those on Keto?

How does kettlebell help you on your keto journey?

Why should you try a kettlebell?

I’ve been involved in weight training off and on for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the incredible benefits of the kettlebell.  It combines both resistance training which builds muscle plus aerobic exercise which improves (cardiovascular) fitness.  It is a total body exercise solution worth considering.  The kettlebell is a valuable addition to your exercise program as it can do so much at minimal cost and takes up very little space.  I’ve learned that it’s unique shape and handle design and position produces faster results than more traditional weightlifting. It allows for both slow and steady and explosive movements with greater control.  As with any resistance exercise proper form is a must to prevent injury which will slow your fitness program.  

You can get a full body strength and conditioning workout in only 30 minutes. There are many YouTube videos created by trained instructors which show the new user the proper approach to training which will maximize results.  In addition to building strength, kettlebells also improve flexibility, range of motion and balance/coordination.  In today’s modern world with its great dependence on technology, our working lives have become sedentary. As a result, people are less active and are dealing with increased lethargy and resulting weight gain.  We’re all trying to find more hours in the day to meet our many professional and family obligations.  This also includes finding time to exercise during the day.  The kettlebell provides a solution to this dilemma.  I’ve also learned that a vigorous workout has great calorie burning potential and therefore fat loss.

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