What you see

My Recent Funhouse Mirror Story

Why do we see ourselves through a funhouse mirror? I think we all see ourselves as if through a funhouse mirror which distorts our “real appearance.” In fact, many or more likely most of us, both male and female, have no concept of our real appearance at all. Rather, we have this warped perspective of ourselves based on the thoughts planted in our heads starting at a very young and impressionable age. We can’t see ourselves with an objective eye which became quite obvious to other family members but least of all me during a recent clothes shopping trip. I’ve...

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Stop being so serious! Laugh a little! Live a little

Dear fellow Keto Super Heroes!  Yes, we mean you!  To us, anyone that has made the hard decision, the seemingly unnatural choice, of thinking about his or her own well being everyday (as opposed to everyone and everything else first!) is a superhero in their own right - you are coming to your own rescue - so super hero you are! AND since the path you are taking is a good, supportive KETO lifestyle, that makes you, to us, a KETO Superhero!  So Congrats and welcome!  So here is a fun page for you - you’ have earned a little...

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