Stop being so serious! Laugh a little! Live a little

Dear fellow Keto Super Heroes! 

Yes, we mean you!  To us, anyone that has made the hard decision, the seemingly unnatural choice, of thinking about his or her own well being everyday (as opposed to everyone and everything else first!) is a superhero in their own right - you are coming to your own rescue - so super hero you are! AND since the path you are taking is a good, supportive KETO lifestyle, that makes you, to us, a KETO Superhero!  So Congrats and welcome!  So here is a fun page for you - you’ have earned a little fun after all!  

Take a moment - stop thinking about food, exercise, macros, the daily stress, drinking enough water, the scale, the measuring tape, work, life - just STOP BEING SO SERIOUS for a few minutes and  LAUGH A LITTLE! LIVE A LITTLE! (we think the videos below are a SCREAM - and we pay tribute to their creators and ask you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to any of the sites where they are posted and where you will view and enjoy them.  These people, not affiliates of ours, but people we admire,  make our lives more fun with their content - let’s support them right back! Have a ball - Click and play! 

Come on people! How many trips on the yoyo diet crazy train have you taken?  Smashing the yoyo is symbolic - we hope you keep this image in your mind on your journey.  Our hope is that with the yoyo out of your way you will never restart a diet or regain unwanted poundage! Watch this video and clap and laugh - NO MORE YOYO for you!




Okay - raise your hand if you LOVE HATE relationship with your scale has become a drag at least one time or another!  Isn't this the object by which all yo yo dieters measure themselves, their worth, their value???? Seriously? Aren't we worth more than a flashed digital number! It’s not your IQ! It does not decide if you are good or bad - but you do based on those digits! STOP THE MADNESS! I hope you enjoy watching this amazing fun - oh so serious - in the style of “OFFICE SPACE” (did you see the movie?) video!  It's hilarious and so cathartic! ENJOY!



Here’s a bubbly moment - you deserve - and a reminder to celebrate your journey to health, fitness, and happiness - a new you! You deserve a popped champagne for sure - so this video is to help you visualize what you have achieved so far and make a party out of the next steps  -we want this to be a FUN ride to an even more LIFE! CELEBRATE!!! 

Celebrate your choices!



What we hope you know is that your happiness, success, and fitness are NOT just a matter of time.  It's NOT about watching the clock or counting days on the calendar - YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  There is no more waiting, don't let time or dates control you - this minute right now you make the choice to change your life and your body FOREVER! Once and done - and not committing to suffering, starving failures and more self hate and sabotage. NOW is the time to move in a whole new direction, and leave the patterns of the past, snap out of the routines embedded in your old schedules and calendars - and strike out on a new path, that every day, and every hour brings you closer to your goals.  (We are right there with you, clearing the path - let’s rock!)

THE WAIT IS OVER! No More Time up wait!



Hey, none of you start the journey at the perfect age or shape - after all, why do we need to improve it all? And WHO SAYS you can’t have fun, no matter what, no matter where - don’t you deserve it? We say you do!  Say yes to joy! Watch this incredible video and be inspired by people who others would say are limited - but they do not agree clearly! Love of life is contagious - look for ways to be joyful in yours! ENJOY! Get up and dance if you feel like it!

Fear not! Just have fun at any age!

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