Why What You Do (new!) Matters!

Why What You Do (new!) Matters!

Why will your Keto Superheroes Coach encourage you to try new things? Why do we say things like:  “Taste new things, try new scents, move your body around differently, like live Zumba a try kickboxing or kettlebell, read something totally unlike your usual genre, attempt a new recipe, maybe choose a new path when you take a walk, tune into a new soundtrack, playlist, or improv a new song in the shower, download a unique podcast, mix a new keto cocktail, start a new habit, take on that household chore you have been putting off forever and get it done, change any one of your routines, or for once be spontaneous about something you usually plan, experiment with new ways of doing things every week?

WHY? BECAUSE, PEOPLE who diet continue to diet forever.  AND PEOPLE WHO ADOPT NEW LIFESTYLES, don’t.  They never fall off the wagon! There is no wagon! There is just a full rich, interesting life for you to enjoy in your new healthier happier body.  To get there you have to take a new path! So paving the road ahead with lots of small, but undeniably great little joys, is essential!  You are building a new relationship with yourself - one in which you take good care of yourself because you are worth it. Doing things that make you laugh, smile, ponder, dream, hum along or giggle, is a kindness from yourself to yourself - and a well reserved symbol of self care.  

When you say you want to lose weight and get to a whole new fitter, happier , healthier you that means you are welcoming change for the better, and you are committing to that version of yourself.   You will look different, feel different, have great energy, feel and look younger, have immense well deserved self pride and appreciation - right?  YES! If you plan it that way - if you recognize that every pound you loose by itself is not the ultimate goal. The real goal if the new you is meant to be here to stay is to rediscover, reinvent, redesign the status quo and become the person you are working to become.  To lose weight and keep it off you have to realize that you are worth every minute of it. The new you physically embodies your desired self image but your emotional self too.  People who gain weight, and cyclically try to lose it, lose it and then gain it back suffer from varying levels of self hate, self abuse, and body dysmorphia. Do you really want to lose weight and keep it off, to never restart a “diet” and never crave, never binge, never fall off the wagon?  

If so, you need to establish a new relationship with the person who looks back from the mirror. The reflection in the mirror will start liking you when you change it up, try it , take a leap of faith.  

“If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you have always gotten” -  the old saying goes and I believe it was written by a chronic yo you dieter!  All too often, actually most often, when one loses significant weight, the change of appearance no matter how good does not outweigh the desire to fall back into old habits (the very ones that caused the weight gain in the first place!) beckoning one back to ones’ previous higher weight.  That’s the challenge - make the choice of losing weight and getting fit to be just the start of many fabulous decisions.  Make it just the beginning! 

So when your KetoSuperheroes Coach encourages you to give something new a shot - go for it!  Have some fun trying things you may decide to incorporate into your new life.  Live a little! As Helen Keller said quite famously, “Life is an adventure, or nothing at all.”


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