Who you want to be?

  • Who are you now and what will be different about you when you are who you want to be?

  • I am a Queen and I will still be a Queen :) 

  • Right now I am someone who obsesses over food, the scale, and what my body looks like. When I'm who I want to be I'll be at peace with food and my body, moving daily because it makes my body feel good and eating foods that make me feel healthy and strong without feeling deprived or obsessing over every macro. 

  • @Karen Durant YES YOU ARE! I predict in the new year you will be the best version of yourself you will love even more - maybe as much as I love you!

  • @Selena Kelly Its a process - layer by layer.  Comfort comes one step at a time and we become peacefu; at each step. There was a time that just walking was a huge challenge for you and you failed more than you succeeded until you got confident that you could do it.  That never changes - it is how we learn.  each little accomplishment lays the groundwork for the next little bigger one.  Rockstars are made one step at a time - there really are no overnight successes :) 

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