What is your favorite holiday activity?

  • Happy Holidays everyone! So with the holidays coming, most of us are counting the days until we are finally reunited with our friends and family, giving presents to our loved ones, etc. But, as most individuals will attest who has been on a diet or fitness program of one kind or another, there is always this potential of holiday anxiety. I mean, during the holiday, one wants to attend to all the fun activities that are linked with it.  Yet, at the same time, one wants to continue the lifestyle you believe will let you lose weight and become closer to the person you have always wanted to be. Now, if you are reading this (and I hope so), you might be saying to yourself, “This may seem impossible.” I mean, how can you keep to a diet and still have fun during the holiday?  Well, on a diet, I would agree with you. A Mediterranean diet, for example, is a very popular diet that emphasizes healthy foods and balance, but it doesn’t guard you against overindulging and overeating, which is common during the holidays. However, as most people know, there is a vast difference between a diet and a lifestyle. So with the magic of the keto lifestyle, as well as the advice from our amazing coaches, you can still enjoy all of the special holiday traditions that you love! Don’t believe me? Here let me give you  an  example: 

    1. Perhaps one of your favorite activities is to create deliciously decadent treats for family members? Now, some people on other food lifestyles have been content to make two different types of dessert, or will just take a holiday and break from one’s meal plan. What if instead of doing something that makes you feel separated from the fun, or it makes you twice as unlikely to lose the desired weight, you could make many holiday desserts and treats that both you and others will love? For example, you could make and decorate a keto gingerbread house, make a decadent holiday cheesecake with strawberries on top, or a delicious Pantone bread? All of these mentioned are just a few of the fantastic keto holiday recipes that the advisors of keto superheroes have under their belt. All of those are massive hits with their holiday parties, and we would love to create that type of experience for you as well! 
    2. Is your holiday tradition to simply binge-watch all of the silly holiday movies, eating popcorn and cookies while drinking hot cocoa or fancy peppermint coffee from your local Starbucks or Tim Horton’s? Well, instead of eating popcorn (which is not Keto, by the way), how about pan-roasted walnuts with delicious butter and herbs? I have had it, and I have to tell you that once you do, you will never want to go back to microwave popcorn AGAIN! We also have recipes for Starbucks-worthy Peppermint Latte or Switzerland-style Hot Cocoa. Combine this with keto sugar cookies,  and you have all the trimmings for a true holiday binge-watch! So, in other words, you can still have the same type of fun without feeling ostracized or weird, which is something that everyone has confessed to having felt on a diet during the holidays. I know, I know, it’s a crazy thought, but breathe, you will be okay! :)

    So, these are just two of the ideas that I have for making the holidays Keto and stress-free. But I am sure there are others as well. So to everyone who is reading this posting, I hope you will respond with your favorite holiday activities that you would love to be stress-free and keto-friendly. Please respond with yours…I would love to hear them!

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