Trying to love your body in a thin obsessed world By: Jessica Pittella

  • Today, I read an old (but new to me) article published in both New York and ABC News, which stated that Jennifer Lawrence, regarded as a beauty throughout the world, is considered a “fat actress.” And why you may ask, is she considered “fat”? She enjoys eating food! I would love to say that this is the first time an actress or celebrity has been body-shamed by the press, but it is not. When Audrey Hepburn has joined the acting world, she was viewed as not “pretty enough.” By today’s standards, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe are considered two of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world by this narrow viewpoint, would be considered plus-sized actresses. 

    Now you may wonder why I am commenting on this when there are so many things happening in the world, for example, the newest version of COVID 19, the rise of unemployment, issues in education , healthcare, politics, etc.? And you are right! These are very serious topics that affect the world stage, making it seem petty and tiny, concentrating on the press attack on an actress's weight.

    However, let us look at this from a very different perspective: On our weight loss journey, many people put images of celebrities to use as inspiration to keep going. When the media are constantly telling us that these celebrities are “fat,” how are people who use Jennifer Lawrence for example as a standard for what they see as an inspiration for fitness and beauty for themselves? And Jennifer Lawrence like many celebrities have personal trainers and coaches to help them? We ordinary citizens sometimes set our sights on those in the spotlight to propel us toward our better selves. And what does this say to future generations of children who see their parents or other family members struggle with weight issues, which they may internalize as their own? That you are only considered desirable if you are a hundred pounds soaking wet…I ask you, is this the way that we want future generations to view themselves?

    Instead of viewing ourselves through these extremely harmful lenses, we should stop comparing ourselves against celebrities. Instead, we should focus on how we feel. For example, if you have a piece of clothing (jeans, dress, a shirt even) that always was snug but now fit? That is an excellent way to judge your weight loss success! Or instead of comparing ourselves to this unrealistic standard on our weight loss journey, admire the changes that are happening in our own bodies? If you are inspired by people who you think are beautiful and athletic,  whether they are celebrities or not, then good for you! You should be encouraged and not let the negative message of others (often these are individuals who are more likely not fit themselves) distract you from being the best version of yourself! Just as Jennifer Lawrence continues to be a fit and beautiful actress regardless of what the press may say, you need to view your perfect version of yourself, outside of the opinions of others! 

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