About KetoSuperHeroes


So you want to know what Keto Superheroes is and what it can do for you? You know that constant “starting-diet-losing weight-and-gaining-it-back thing” that we all do? The starving, binging, craving, failing thing? You know that self-hate and self sabotage which is just a general big downer? Keto Superheroes is the solution for that! No kidding! 

Can you imagine your life at your ideal weight and size along with a huge increase in energy? A life without constant dieting? Want it? Yeah…. That is what we at Keto Superheroes! We have mapped out a journey that works. We will help customize a plan for you and we will take every step side by side.  Like excellent sherpas and walk right next to you through it all!  Everything we do is created to help you overcome probably one of the worst things you deal with in your life and IT WILL BE FUN! ! 

Explore a little, subscribe and  we will invite you to a whole lot of excellent things that will help you!  We will coach you one on one,  introduce you to a whole army of people all over the world going on the same journey, but perhaps just starting at different points. You made the choice to visit this website. Cool! This is your first step on the journey so congratulations, kudos and welcome!  Now, let’s go to the next steps! We are ready, and so it seems, are you...let’s rock (JP)!

Note - “Go to the next steps” links with subscription form - called reserve your FREE One-on-One  and  Boot Camp.


Yeah - How the heck do you stop doing what you always did - in a way that you will not hate, will work, and actually be FUN? Huh?

For sure, we can tell you that we did not believe it either...  at first!  

After all, haven't we been told our whole lives - “Go fat free? No pain- No gain? Just eat less, exercise more!  It’s all about self control! Just follow the food pyramid! You can lose 29 lbs in a week, just follow this menu! Eat 5 meals a day! Eat snacks! Don’t eat between meals! Weigh yourself everyday! Don’t weigh yourself everyday! Wrap yourself in plastic and go to a steam room, and you can lose 5lbs! Eat only protein! Limit your protein! Mediterranean diet is best for everyone! Eat like a caveman! Buy a book and eat only what it says! Join a program where they weigh you - you will be shamed into losing weight! Don’t prepare your own food, purchase it from a company!


According to the chart you are obese! You have to get a private chef to lose weight! You have to have a private trainer to get fit. Lift weights to get fit! No, don't lift weights - you will be too bulky!



Chocolate is good for you! Chocolate is bad for you! Eat as much fruit as you want! Limit your sugars! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Only fanatics fast - you need three square meals a day!”  And on and on and on….!  OKAY - everyone, calm down - all of that “wisdom” never helped any of us to get fit, happy or healthy, now did it?  If it did , why are you here?


So how can Keto SuperHeroes get you from here to there? 

We have a very special, fun process that helps us to get to know you as a unique, amazing  individual! Through it we get to know how to help you reach your goals based on your dreams, your favorite meals or snacks, your exercise level/interest, your current support system or lack thereof, how you like to communicate, what you know and what you don't know and need to know. We also ask you what kinds of food are available to you, if you like to cook or not, your day to day schedules (this includes family, work, school, and other). We also ask you who are the other people that you need to feed,  if you are vegetarian, carnivore, vegan, pescatarian, or have other, special food requirements or interests based on culture or religion. We also want to know about  your demographic, your style, your keto type if any (lazy, dirty, clean, or based on social media information), as well as your availability to meet with your keto coach, and any special medical or health concerns related to food or exercise.  


Keto SuperHeroes will give you the information, the one on one support, the customized food plan that will work for you! We will provide you with cool recipes (that take 15 minutes or less if that's your style), or an hour (if you want cooking to be part of your meditation), exciting fun activities (we will wow you!) and  meetups if you like with a whole army of people on the journey in all parts of the world!   We also have a blog where you can chat with all of us, and challenges to keep you on track!   We will spotlight your successes, and delight you with some really cool ways to integrate keto into your life forever, and make sure no restarts, no yo-yos, no need or desire to cheat (which only means delay your success!) Instead, we will provide you with ideas and recipes of decadent, fabulous foods whenever you want...and lose weight - permanently (JP)!

We get it - it sounds too good to be true - IT IS SO GOOD -  BUT ABSOLUTELY TRUE! 

You know how we are sure you can get to your goal? We will not give up on you! We will not let you give up on yourself! That’s how!

You will tell us what you need, and we will work with you to fill in the gaps so you can be fit, happy and healthy...We will help you get to your goal AND from there, you will be able to  build your life as you have always wanted it!  

Aren’t you tired of waiting for the life that you want? It's within reach - let us help you get there!



Why have we created Keto Superheroes? Our mission is really simple but HUGE !   We realize it's kind of unbelievable but we are absolutely SERIOUS! What if you never had to diet again but looked good, felt good and was healthier than you have ever been?  Wouldn’t you be a happier person? 

We believe that people who feel and look great are  healthier, happier, and actually like themselves better.  We think the world would be a better place if more people were happier and since being overweight is a problem everywhere... At Keto Superheroes, we think we can help millions of people be happier and  be  better contributors to the world. 

We created Keto Superheroes to stop the yo-yo dieting craziness  especially in families where generation over generation are overweight, obese, unhealthy, and unhappy. There is no reason for it! We know how to fix this and we have the passion to do it!  It doesn’t matter how far you have to go or where you are starting your journey!  We are here for you! 

Why do this? We saw the need for this in the world for people like us… We have researched the science of this lifestyle, talked with experts, studied all the available options, and designed a common sense, human-centric, lifetime solution … We have shared it with amazingly cool early adopters around the world whose only response was - “When can I sign up?”  

POW! Keto Super Heroes was born. BTW, You’re welcome.



When are we available for you?  We are a global company, we serve the whole world in all time zones! The Keto Superheroes Portal is set up so that no matter who you are,  where you are and what time it is there....you can get the information and help you need. You will schedule meetings with a Keto Certified Coach at a time convenient for you!  So the answer to “When” is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And “yes” we do mean on holidays too! Aren’t the holidays the worst when you are trying to lose weight and feel good about yourself (emotional boobytraps galore)? I mean baby showers,  planning for holidays, special days, birthdays, office parties, anniversaries,  graduations, weddings, engagement parties, christenings, family visits, reunions, and vacations … and BOOM! Every pound plus more comes back.  Stopping this evil cycle is our jam!  We have lots to share with you! Let’s rock!

When can you,  should you start a keto lifestyle?

NOW. RIGHT NOW. Don’t waste one more second living a life where you do not  like what you see in the mirror! You deserve a happy, healthy, energetic and fun life! You need to be living your days looking forward to what you do and what you eat. We are here to help you do that! Look,  you are already heading in the right direction, you’ve made the choice, so let’s rock!

This minute before you forget,  do two important things for yourself….pick a time when we can talk with you personally and figure out what you need to do or know, (Yes, that means free coaching, no we’re not kidding) and then  sign up for a free Boot Camp! Boot Camps kick off on Friday nights, and they go the whole weekend!  You can come and go and enjoy the parts of it that you like and are interested in...or you can join us for the whole thing you are welcome and it’s free! (JP)

Don’t hesitate - reserve your spot - even though we are going to have them pretty often, they fill up fast! Let us help you explore how the keto lifestyle will get you where you want to go! 

BONUS! We are not going to let you fall back into your old habits and  your old lifestyle so that you gain every pound back,  hate yourself a little more and have to start over. NOPE! We are your sherpas...we are going to help you every step of the way and we are going to make sure that not only you reach your goal, and  learn to live your life so that you never have to start over again. You’ve waited long enough.  Reserve your spot now!. Rock on! (JP)