About Us

Why are you here?

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting, losing weight and then gaining it all back plus more?

So who are we?

A knowledgeable non - judgmental super supportive team is your solution to that problem...forever. First, we actually genuinely care. Added to that, this team is a bunch of big brains that have rocked the keto lifestyle and can definitely help you do it too - for a lifetime. Yeah, permanent weight loss, baby. If you’re interested in credentials and experience just look below. But most importantly, we’ve got your back! You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Who are the Keto Superheroes?

The team below are backed by a whole army of other great smart keto experts plus people like yourself taking the journey!

P.S. Welcome to the journey to your best self..and the team! Let’s have some fun!


Our credentials and more.


Rosanna Pittella BS MA PhD, is a global program and change manager. This means that she can organize big things and make new things happen. She is here to help you organize your new life!
Philip Rotstein
Philip H. Rotstein BA ME is an Environmental scientist who has dedicated his life to the care of the earth... and now, you! Phil says that there is only one of you, making you as important as any “endangered species” and someone valuable and worth protecting!
Jessica Pittella
Jessica R. Pittella, BA MA is a Human Services specialist, which means she really cares about the welfare and well being of humans, like you! Jessica is trained to help people find their way in life, and she will help you rock your new lifestyle!

Rosanna’s keto weight loss equates to more than 50% of her former body weight, going from a size 28 to a size 10, and she is still going strong since and has never felt better. Philip’s chronic back issues and sciatica have been greatly minimized as a result, and once quite sedentary now enjoys a very active lifestyle. Jessica has leveraged the energy and nurturing of the keto lifestyle to successfully combat significant symptoms of fibromyalgia and has stabilized her seizure-risk condition completely. She is delighted that her clothes size went from a size 12 to a size 8. All three are healthier, happier, fitter, amazingly positive, and running circles around people half their ages! They are examples of very busy people who can tap into the keto lifestyle and live a full, fabulous life without limitations! We invite you to do the same!

The three partners of Keto Superheroes combined with the best and brightest in nutrition, fitness and all things keto are here to provide your keto home base, an escape from the day to day, a no-judgment zone, and a centre of learning, unity and fun for all on the keto journey forever.