Finally, The YOU you will LOVE

Do you love the person who looks back at you from the mirror? This book is the greatest gift you could give yourself if the answer to that question was NO. Is there someone you love whose self image is inappropriately low, but struggles to change it? This book is the nicest thing you could do for such a person. Why? Because it was written to as the ultimate step by guidebook from self sabotage, neglect, hate and abuse to empowering, amazing self love.

POW! Self love is an explosion of clarity. As you absorb this book you will realize that when you love yourself, you are empowered by a confidence and energy that will propel you to whatever other goals you may wish as never before. AND it is not that hard to get there! You just need the path and support. They both come with this book!

Self love and self care of the version of you of whom you are proud opens a door you never even imagined before to a happier, healthier, fitter YOU.  This is a handbook and guide to bring you to find and introduce you to the YOU you could LOVE, VALUE and SUPPORT like all the other important people, pets or things  in your life.  Positive self image and self love is the secret sauce, magic and fuel you may not have realized you always lacked. This is what empowers people to successfully reach their goals. Have you ever really figured out WHO you want to be or were meant to be when you grew up?

Finding the YOU you will love is probably one of the hardest journeys of your life, and most of us do this SO badly, not as a priority, and some never do it at all.  Most people attach their self image to their body image - so we address that first, but not exclusively.  There is so much more to you than that.  This book encompasses the strategy and journey to the YOU you will love, details  you with the steps you will take, comes with free coaching for 60 days to get your feet on the right track, as well as a global support community, countless free resources you can leverage, and share the stories of others who have transformed their lives amazingly and audaciously, just as you can.

This book will give you the free service and support by dedicated certified coach or coaches (life, health and wellness, KETO, and fitness) along with all the guidance, information, support and customized path that will ensure that you will know:

YOU are NOT alone. You matter. You are valuable. You are worth it. 

You deserve to be happy, healthy and confident. 

You need to take care of yourself as you do everything else important to you. EVERYDAY.

The YOU you will love deserves and requires it. 

It doesn't matter if you failed in the past, as we all have, how many times, or in what ways. The key to success.  You are NOT alone anymore in this effort, which we hope you realize is a key component to your success. The first step on your journey is to research and plan for the trip - this book is your guide book and map, and along with it come the Sherpas that have walked the walk and get you to your first critical destination:  The YOU you will love.

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