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Who says you can't have decadent, delicious goodies that are secretly low carb?

You can enjoy amazing baked treats, guilt free, glutten free, low carb , made with fresh ingredients. Made with fresh ingredients and love.

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We pride ourselves on making amazingly delicious yet low carb food with farm fresh ingredients

You can have your (rich, deceptively low carb) cake and eat it too! No FOMO (No Fear Of Missing Out)!

We bake every treat as if it were for our very own family. We practice market safe preparations, use only environmentally safe packaging, and farm fresh eggs (except in vegan products).

  • Made fresh, deliver locally to farmers markets and fairs.
  • Sales support local schools, non profit organizations, clubs, and charities.
  • Making it easy to eat happy and healthy.

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Rich, delicious low carb brownies.

Do you love decadent gourmet brownies but do not want it to add to your waistline? We are proud to supply you with our most delicious brownies: deep chocolate, expresso, mint, chocolate chips or walnut. These artisan brownies are made with farm fresh eggs(except in vegan products), the highest quality ingredients, gluten free and are low carb! you can buy one for $4.00 CAD or three for eleven!

$ 4. 50 CAD

Amazing Guilt Free Cereal(Vegan)

Who wouldn't want a bowl full of cookies for breakfast? Having cereal either for breakfast or a snack is a truly joyful treat! Well what if you can have your cereal without loads of net carbs or gluten? Well you can! We offer three different types of cereal: Chocolate, Vanilla or Raspberry balls that are not only mouth watering but actually healthy for you! You can buy one seven ounce package where you can pick your favorite flavor for $5.00 CAD or one of each for $10.00 CAD!

$ 4. 50 CAD

The Astounding Hand pies

Is there anything more delicious than a farm fresh, artisan hand pie? We all have a wonderful memory associated with pie, but many us who have a strong desire to be healthy, have distanced ourselves from this wonderful treat. Well no more! Our beautiful, delicious artisan handpies are baked magic, low carb, gluten free and enjoyable without the guilt! Choose your favorite filling: Blueberry, Strawberry and Pecan Maple! Buy one at $4.50 CAD or try all three for $11.00 CAD!

$ 4. 50 CAD

Low Carb, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread

Do you love the taste and texture of bread but hate the carbs? Or perhaps you want something fun to eat? Then this low-carb, gluten-free pumpkin-shaped bread is perfect for you! Our pumpkin-shaped bread comes in four flavors: parsley, cinnamon, sesame, and poppy. This delicious, low-carb, gluten-free pumpkin-shaped bread is under five net carbs. Its classic texture tastes better than anything you could find at any store! You can buy one package for $4.50 or three boxes for $12.50. What a steal!

$ 4. 50 CAD

Low Carb, Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Is pizza one of your favorite meals? At Keto Superheroes, there is nothing greater than being able to create a pizza to one’s liking and not having to worry about it being too many carbs. Our delicious, low-carb, gluten-free pizza crust is under 5 Net Carbs per serving but tastes better than the ones you would find at the grocery store! For $7.99 per pizza crust, which serves four, it’s a steal!

$ 7. 99 CAD

Holiday Madeleines

Is madeleine a favorite treat, especially after a long day? Or to go with your coffee or tea? Or to celebrate a happy moment with friends and family? Well, how about chocolate-dipped ones? To celebrate the holidays, we have made delicious, low-carb madeleines in three different types: Vanilla, Peppermint (see picture below), and Rum Pecan! All under five net carbs and so buttery delicious! You can buy a package of three or three packages for $11.00! What a wonderful holiday treat!

$ 11. 00 CAD

Decadent Fudgy Low-Carb Brownies with Sugar-free Colorful frosting

Do you love fudgy brownies with frosting but feel you have to deny yourself because of the carbs and sugar involved? Well, deny yourself no longer! Our decadent low-carb fudgy brownies, sugar-free chocolate chips, and colorful frostings, which include orange (as seen in the picture below), red, green, blue, or white, are under five net carbs! It is so good that it brings to mind gourmet bakeries offering the best of personalized brownies. You can buy one package for $ 5.50 or three for $13.50. What an absolute steal for the experience of never missing out on a favorite treat…Click here to buy!

$ 5. 50 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

~ How can brownies, handpies and cereals be low carb and gluten free?

Standard brownies, handpies and cereal contain wheat flour which is the origin in most baked goods. Lighthouse Country Luscious Chic baked goods are made with almond or coconut flour which naturally contained no gluten.

~Why are Lighthouse Country Luscious Chic baked goods considered heathier?

LCLC Baked goods are designed to be delicious, filling, fun and low in carbohydrates. Many research studies are proving that a low sugar diet prevents many types of maladies and allows our bodies to adjust to healthier rhythms of sleep and metabolism.

~Are Lighthouse Country Luscious Chic products vegan?

Lighthouse Country Luscicious Chic produces two seperate lines of low carb, glutten free baked goods. One is created with coconut oil, no eggs, no dairy and is naturally 100% vegan. The other is prepared with fresh eggs, butter and other ingredients that are not vegan friendly. Check product descriptions for these details.

~ Can I order Lighthouse Country Luscious Chic online for delivery?

YES! However, to limit the carbon footprint of our company and minimize any negative effect from the burning of fossil foods, we deliver all online orders at farmers' markets or fairs rather than by individual delivery.

Baked fresh daily by bakers with passion.