Free Keto Bootcamp Experience

FREE KETO Bootcamp! Everything you need to know to be successful on KETO: How do you start on KETO? Is KETO healthy? How much weight can you use on KETO? Macros? Ketosis? What is the difference between dirty, lazy, and clean keto? How does one lose 120 lbs on keto permanently? How to plan your food and more!


The Keto Super Heroes Kickoff will give you a great sense of the many different highly informational modules of 30 minutes each that will take place during the weekend event. All day Saturday and Sunday, 30 minutes segments many of which include live Q&As will answer every one of the most popular questions about KETO and how to be successful on the lifestyle. The certified Keto Coaches that will be providing the information and guidance are also on the journey and can provide insight and context to all of the most challenging part of keto. The event is free and full of fun, with a light hearted approach to a serious subject and methodology that is changing people's lives for the better every day.


We are all not experts

The internet and social media, your sister in law, hair dresser, co-workers and everybody else are not experts on 1) YOUR BODY - in fact you are, and 2) KETO as a lifestyle - EVEN IF THEY ARE LIVING IT. Why? well the only true subject matter expert on your body is you = it has automatic biofeedback loops and sends you info and warnings all the time - which you may decide to hear or not - but its there. Maybe another expert on your body could be your doctor - but that's all. So taking advice from every one willing to offer it is not wise or efficient - it all usually conflicts anyway. Keto is a wonderful lifestyle that works for so many that failed at all other fitness and health programs and often were the victims of poor self esteem and yoyo dieting...Let's talk about where good information can be found, how to get certified trained personal keto coach for FREE, (hint: and how to adopt a lifestyle of health, healing and success painlessly and joyfully. No two journey are exactly alike so you can't copycat someone else exactly because you are not them. Your body and you deserve a life plan that pleases you, makes you happy, makes you look forward to every day, and every meal - and that is what we will help you do as you will hear in this session. You are a keto superhero for making this decision that which we will help you execute = congrats to you - let's rock on!


Learning to accept yourself

A keto lifestyle is both the road and the vehicle to self love - which is essential when it comes to living a full and positive life, and maximizing your contribution to your world in every sense of your existence. If your destination is a new happier healthier you, then the rules of the road to get there are completely centered on paying attention to your needs, listening to your body and knowing how to manage it and your goals along with triggers and pain points. We all have them...let's just figure out how to manage yours to your happiest self. You are a keto superhero for making this decision we will help you execute = congrats to you - let's rock on!


Good Health Choices

What should be on YOUR KETO food shopping list? What do you need to have on hand in your kitchen for CLEAN KETO? What are KETO staples? How to shop for groceries for KETO lifestyle? What are the healthiest food choices on a KETO lifestyle? What are tips and tricks to staying on a budget when on KETO? These questions and more are answered by the KETO SuperHeroes Coaches - so come listen and hear some great ways to help you on your KETO journey. Rock on!


How to buy the right stuff for your KETO Journey?

How do you buy excellent ingredients for your KETO journey to make your food fun, delicious, and marvelous - because you deserve it? Come listen to what we have learned and some good sourcing and cost comps on popular items you may find locally or online. We love to share our best finds.


Taking Small Steps

Life is so rich and delicious on a keto lifestyle - there are tips and tricks. How do you align yourself with physical activity that is not necessarily going to a gym or something you don't like very much? How do get used to doing a small thing as a step to get you into a habit of activity - getting you to the next level of health? Why does your body need physical activity? Where do you begin getting into a good physical shape? Why not play? What do you feel like doing? Listen to your inner child to be happy and healthy.


Love Your Body

How do you make KETO work for you, and your body? What is the secret to Keto? How do you tune into your body? How do you deal with extra skin after weight loss (Hint - the trick is to deal with it DURING weight loss!)? What is the secret to learning to love your body and care for it BEFORE it is the best version of itself at your desired level of fitness? The coaches at Keto Superheroes share all this and more - and you may even laugh out loud at some of things shared in this video! Why not? Listen, learn and laugh!