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The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

This instructor is all about transforming the body with motivational, fun & body changing exercises, ranging from dances to Hip Hop HIIT to Ballet & strength training. The exercises are all about having fun while being healthy set to killer music.

The studio Full Body HIIT Workout - It's a dance workout using HIIT style intervals
Coaches Notes: The exercise segments in this video are very intense but a lot of fun to do. So take your time, have plenty of water and have fun!


This instructor is passionate about creating Zumba style dance programs that a person can try at home that will help people lose weight. This instructor is dedicated to helping clients have fun, losing weight while being healthy!

Zumba style dance exercises conducted in different environments. 2.) 30 Minute Cardio Workout - oneHOWTO Zumba Fitness-Zumba style dance exercises conducted in different environments.
Coaches Notes: It's fun to do see the zumba likestyle dances both outside and inside. They don't offer modifications, so try to do it the best you can!

Maria Manson

This instructor is passionate about giving Zumba-style dance exercises that anyone could do at home, COVID safe.

30 minutes Zumba during COVid 19
Coaches Notes: It is very fun doing these exercise segments when you are starting zumba dances as a beginner. Take your time and have fun!

Bombay Jam

This dance instructor wants people to enjoy dancing & have created Cardio routines with varying intensities that will work a person's arms, legs and abs during a 30 minute exercise segments.

30 minute Bollywood dance style exercise program
Coaches Notes: This is a very fun zumba dance workouts that will appeal to both individuals who prefer doing exercises on the ground or standing. Take your time and have fun!

Dayana Zumba

This dance instructor trained in fu, Zumba style exercise dance segments for people to do at home during this COVID time.

An upbeat Zumba dance routine with nine fun songs, and easy to follow steps.
Coaches Notes: This instructor is upbeat but intense exercise segments. So please take plenty of water breaks, pace yourself and have fun!

Fitbody By Ashley

She is a fitness coach dedicated to helping women get healthy and fit with fun dance workouts.

It's a 30 minute cardio dance workout that works the entire body.
Coaches Notes: This exercise is fun, but they do not offer modifications. So do them at the best that you can! Have fun!


This dance instructor is dedicated to teaching others Zumba style dances with Latin, Indian and even pop music.

This video is about doing Zumba dances allowing people to lose weight, dancing to fun music!
Coaches Notes: This exercise is a lot of fun, but does not offer modifications (low or high impact)..So just do your best and have fun.

Grow with Jo

This dance instructor loves making people sweat and change their bodies since she started as a personal trainer doing 1-on-1 coaching at a local gym. Through her online fun exercise videos, she has the honor of helping millions of people achieve their fitness goals. in every single one of her videos, she offers easy to follow, fun workout with music that allow you to get your steps in with new videos being posted every Saturday. She wants her viewers to be motivated and looking forward to doing her exercise videos every day.

It is a low impact walking workout that will make you sweat and challenge you, but by the end you will have a fun time!
Coaches Notes: These exercises are a lot of fun,but does not offer modifications (low or high impact)...It will show you the next exercise in the mirror, before the next segement starts. So just do your best and have fun.


This dance instructor is a certified PT and Fitness instructor and is passionate about people having fun, doing these Tabita style dance segments using music, ranging from broadway to Britney Spears to music from movies. Her philosophy is "Wrong and Strong, fake it till you make it!"

This is a Tabita style dance segment to Britney Spears songs.
Coaches Notes: These exercises are a lot of fun dancing to the music, and offers a low or high impact steps. The non-dancing exercises are a lot of fun as well..Have fun!

Sidney Cummings

This instructor is a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutritional specialist and is dedicated to helping people lose weight. Her videos rang from full body to kettle ball. She's an Women's health magazine action hero, and has been an athlete all her life.

This is a Hiit Cardio workout designed to make you sweat!
Coaches Notes: This fitness instructor is very good, but very intense. So if you do this, try to take it slowly. Have fun!
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