Fun Things to Do

Tracy Steen

This fitness instructor is dedicated toward improving people to be fit, and wants to give people nutritional and exercise segments to inform them about making good choices that will lead them to their better selves.

This is a cardio workout that requires no equipment of sixty different exercises.
Coaches Notes: This fitness instructor is very intense but very good. It's clear that she's clearly trained in the low and high impact of these kickboxing exercise segments. So please take your time and have fun!

RC Fitness

RC Fitness is conducted by two certified/experienced instructors, Rachel and Christina. Through many years of coaching/training clients, they have come in all shapes and sizes, with varying workout interests and capabilities. These two instructors are dedicated to offering classes for people who want to lose weight, gain tone muscle or desire to live an active lifestyle regardless of age. Toward this goal, these two instructors offer hour long classes to quick targeted work, to fitness tips and other simple fun ways to accomplish one's goal.

One hour Cardio Kickboxing exercise segments that will make you sweat and have fun at the same time.
Coaches Notes: The two dance instructors offer fun kickboxing exercises with wonderful music, and creates a wonderful experience. So please take your time and have fun!

Penny Barnshaw

This instructor has created exercise segments for beginner to intermediate to advanced women who want to get and stay fit, lean & strong at home! She has created workouts ranging from Hiit with weights, bodyweight to low impact to No repeat, etc.

This is a fun, all standing HIIT workout, where you don't need to do burpees, planks, etc.
Coaches Notes: This exercise segment was so much fun, and showed you how to do the steps. but she doesn't offer low or high impacts. So just do your best and have fun!

Brand Fitness

Brand Fitness is created by Marion Brand who owns her own business and studio in Langley, Canada. She wants her viewers to be fit and fabulous to enjoy their lives by enjoying dance, walking to some really fun music. She also offers video that offer strength training as well.

This is a walking exercise to a mixture of music from different decades.
Coaches Notes: This exercise segment was so much fun, and showed you how to do the steps. but she doesn't offer low or high impacts. So just do your best and have fun!

Evolve Functional Fitness

Evolve Functional classes are conducted by Brent, CJ, Jana or Rebecca Kennedy have created full body of 25-65 minute exercise videos.All of the instructors empowers its viewers to get and stay fit with immersive, premium workouts that can be conducted at home. The instructors of these videos are designed for their viewers to work regardless of one's lifestyle to work and train the entire body in a functional and effective way. These exercise videos are based around increasing strength, agility, core balance, yoga routines and even sports performance. All of these videos come with a bonus stretch as well.

This video is conducted by Rebecca Kennedy of a one hour core workout video, it's slow paced but challenging that will make you feel balanced and stable at the same time.
Coaches Notes: This exercise segment is a lot of fun, but very intense. Also, this exercise program has both on the ground and standing segments. Please take your time and have fun!

Fitness Academy

This instructor offers fun exercise videos that uses dumbbells and kettlebells for viewers to try.

This is a sixty six minute video that offers kettlebell exercises designed for weight loss.
Coaches Notes: This is a very challenging but fun exercise to do with a keetlebell.However, the exercises in this video might be much for a beginner to do. It would be reommended to do other exercises with the kettlebell, then start do this one. Still it is a lot of fun...Enjoy!

Pahla B Fitness

This instructor offers free workouts for women over the age of fifty years of age. Other videos that this instructor offers easy, practical information for viewers of this age as well. Through these videos, the instructor wants to help her viewers to navigate challenges related to menopause with sweat, fun, laughter and support.

This is a quick, sweaty and fun workout that anyone can do sitting in a chair. The exercises in this video are simple enough to be done at an easy pace that anyone can do regardless of one's ability to do the exercises.
Coaches Notes: Although this exercise is only twelve minutes, it is very intense and very fun. I would recommend it to anyone at any age, but especially with those that are healing from injuries. Have fun!

Senior fitness with Meredith

This instructor is dedicated toward helping others who are within the ages of 55 to 75 plus age through fun exercises.

The instructor is taking you through a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) chair workout. This exercise segment is all seated, which takes the pressure off of your knees, but will be very intense.
Coaches Notes: This is a fun workout is very intense but a lot of fun to do regardless of one's age or exercise level. Do your best and have fun!


The instructor is a physiotherapist & HIIT Pilates teaches. She believes that everyone can exercise & get fit, strong and lean if given the proper institution. The videos on her youtube account allows viewers to get fit in spite of major life events: having a baby, suffering injury or nervous over getting started on a new health fitness style or injury or increasing your fitness level. Every week, new videos are added.

This is a Pilates workout that you can do with an foot injury.
Coaches Notes: This is a fun workout to try whether you are injuried or just starting an new fitness level.Do your best and have fun!

Bodyfit Amy

The Instructor is passionate about providing workouts that would fit their viewer's lifestyle and meet one's goals, ranging from ten to fifty five minutes long. These workouts range from advanced to low impact version, all designed for you to feel great and have fun.

This is a thirty minute mat pilates exercise segment that features traditional mat exercise fused with some traditional strength, training exercises. This will strengthen one's core, upper & lower body plus a good stretch.
Coaches Notes: This is a fun workout that will strengthen one's core, upper and lower body. Have fun!