Fun Things to Do


This dance instructor is a certified PT and Fitness instructor and is passionate about people having fun, doing these Tabita style dance segments using music, ranging from broadway to Britney Spears to music from movies. Her philosophy is "Wrong and Strong, fake it till you make it!"

Try out this new EMKFit video, where she create these fun workouts set to the very well known songs of the very popular musical, "Chicago".
Coaches Notes: We tried it, and found it was very intense but a lot of fun!

Mr. Hello Fria

The instructor has live classes every day on his live channel. He is a professional dancer as well as physical educator. He has been to fifty different countries (He currently lives in Switzerland). His mission's to bring joy and make people happy and healthy through dancing.

This is a fun,high intensity Brazilian Zumba dance workout
Coaches Notes: This is a fun, high intensity brazilian zumba dance workout. This type of zumba dance workout that is for people who are familiar with zumba dancing. So try to pace yourself and have fun!

Caroline Jordan

The Instructor's a certified health and fitness coach who's passionate to help her viewers to heal, grow and grab life. She wants her her views to gain more less, less stress in their lives and obtain a more positive mindset about life. She specializes in helping find safe, effectives way to exercise, where she uses movement as medicine for mental and physical well being. Through her online videos, she wants her viewers to develop a positive relationship to themselves and how how exercising adds a better quality to their lives.

This is an total body workout that allows you to get an amazing aerobic experience even if you are dealing with a physical injury with exercises like seated jumping jacks, upper back seated fly, seating boxing pushups, dips on a chair, leg lifts, chair obliques, hip extensions, hip bridges, crunches, pushups, side lying leg lifts, oblique sit ups, Ab leg raises, "Dead bug" core work and a total body relaxing stretch.
Coaches Notes: Although you are seated during this exercise, it is a lot of fun to do...Have fun!

Caroline Givan

The instructor's a mother and a certified personal trainers who's dedicated to getting her viewers to have lots of fun with daily workouts. On her youtube channel, viewers can participate in HIIT segments, 1 hr workouts, bodyweight only segments, dumbbells, kettlebell, core and ab workouts, etc. She wants her viewers to push past their comfort zones and finish with a smile, enjoying every part of each workout.

This is a fifty minute advanced glutes and Abs workout, design to improve those two sections of the body.
Coaches Notes: Although these exercise segments are very intense, they are a lot of fun to do...Most of these are very intense, so pace yourself, but just enjoy the process!

Trainer Kaitlin

The instructor is passionate about providing fun exercise segments that encourage you to listen to your body.

This is a fun cardio and standing Ab workout, where you will definitely feel it the next day.
Coaches Notes: The segments in this exercise are a lot of fun, but very intense, so please go at your own pace and have fun!

Olivia Lawson

The instructor has a background in healthcare and works in the education sector. she viewers with regular exercise segments, food recipes (she doesn't believe in crash dieting) as well as her daily life of staying healthy and fit while dealing with personal and professional challenges. She aims to post a new video per week, that will allow her viewers to become a better 'you'.

This is a fun exercise segment where you get all sweaty without hurting your knees or being too loud that your neighbors can hear you!
Coaches Notes: The exercise segments in this one are very intense but a lot of fun to do, leaving you with a sense of accompllishment.....So please try this out, but pace yourself, have lots of water with you and have fun with it.

375 Dance Studio

The instructors of this dance studio are passionate about providing its viewers with in person instruction as well as providing online educational content to ballroom, dance enthusiasts, couples, social & competitive dancing.

This is a fun 31 minute beginner's dance workout allows the viewer to learn the Salsa, Hustle, cha cha, American Rhumba Samba, Jive, Mumbo, Bachata and International Rumba.
Coaches Notes: This dance exercise program is fast but a lot of fun to do...Try it yourself!


The instructors of Hasfit believes that every individual deserves to be healthy and fit. Therefore, all the videos they provide on their youtube channel are free. They offer over 1,000 full length free workout routine and complete 30-90 fitness programs for all different types of goals and levels.

This is a high intensity kickboxing class.
Coaches Notes: This is a fun, high intensity kickboxing workout program that is challenging and fun...Try it and have fun today!

Fitness Blender

The instructors at fitness blender offers 600 free full length workouts videos and even offer to help viewers with their own smart workout plans. All videos are created by a husband and wife team, Daniel and Keli. These instructors believe that smart workouts & eating healthy foods can improve health, quality of life and body. They share with viewers unbiased workouts, motivation and healthy information.

This is a high intensity interval kickboxing workout
Coaches Notes: This is a fun, high intensity kickboxing workout program that is challenging and fun...Try it and have fun today!

Yvette Bachman

The instructors the owner of Yvette's total fitness studio. She's a certified personal trainer. She teaches a variety of fitness classes including HIIT, cardio kickboxing, strength classes, etc. Her goal's to help others achieve their own fitness goals.

This is a high intensity kickboxing workout with no breaks.
Coaches Notes: This is a fun,high intensity kickboxing workout program that has no breaks. So try to pace yourself, and make your own water breaks. Have fun!