Funny Things to See

Dear fellow Keto Super Heroes! 

Yes, we mean you!  To us, anyone that has made the hard decision, the seemingly unnatural choice, of thinking about his or her own well being everyday (as opposed to everyone and everything else first!) is a superhero in their own right - you are coming to your own rescue - so super hero you are! AND since the path you are taking is a good, supportive KETO lifestyle, that makes you, to us, a KETO Superhero!  So Congrats and welcome!  So here is a fun page for you - you’ have earned a little fun after all!  

Take a moment - stop thinking about food, exercise, macros, the daily stress, drinking enough water, the scale, the measuring tape, work, life - just STOP BEING SO SERIOUS for a few minutes and  LAUGH A LITTLE! LIVE A LITTLE! (we think the videos below are a SCREAM - and we pay tribute to their creators and ask you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to any of the sites where they are posted and where you will view and enjoy them.  These people, not affiliates of ours, but people we admire,  make our lives more fun with their content - let’s support them right back! Have a ball - Click and play! 

Princess against a bully!

Here is one way to deal with a bully, that will make you laugh and still have the upper hand!

Missy tarnishes her opponent on baseball game

When people say you can't do something, do it anyway! Embrace your inner Missy from Young Sheldon!

Adorable Dog's Exercise Routine

If an dog can exercise, so can you!

New Year New Mila??

When the resolution is not from you, but from other people!

Thanksgiving from Mila!

Does this thanksgiving sound familiar? Click on this video to see.

First time in the gym!

A little kid experiencing the gym for the first time, she is so funny! If you are looking for a good laugh, watch it.

Zumba for all ages!

If this little girl can do this, what can't you do?

Thanksgiving prep gone wrong!

For when you realize a friend or family member is making a dish for thanksgiving wrong!

If you find a video that is fun and uplifting like these and want to share PLEASE do! We will post it and give you credit for finding it!

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