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Dear fellow Keto Super Heroes! 

Yes, we mean you!  To us, anyone that has made the hard decision, the seemingly unnatural choice, of thinking about his or her own well being everyday (as opposed to everyone and everything else first!) is a superhero in their own right - you are coming to your own rescue - so super hero you are! AND since the path you are taking is a good, supportive KETO lifestyle, that makes you, to us, a KETO Superhero!  So Congrats and welcome!  So here is a fun page for you - you’ have earned a little fun after all!  

Take a moment - stop thinking about food, exercise, macros, the daily stress, drinking enough water, the scale, the measuring tape, work, life - just STOP BEING SO SERIOUS for a few minutes and  LAUGH A LITTLE! LIVE A LITTLE! (we think the videos below are a SCREAM - and we pay tribute to their creators and ask you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to any of the sites where they are posted and where you will view and enjoy them.  These people, not affiliates of ours, but people we admire,  make our lives more fun with their content - let’s support them right back! Have a ball - Click and play! 

Julie & Julia cooking lessons

In this clip, Jules and Julia, Julia describes to her penpal about her life in Paris, including her discovery of cooking and finding new ingredients at the local food market. So many times we focus on the joy of eating delicious decadent foods that allow us to loose weight to achieve our health and fitness goals. However, shouldn't we find joy in the process of creating these delicious foods that are a part of our everyday lives? Click here:

Julie and Julia - Poaching an Egg.wmv

We all have lists of things th6at we would love to try that we have never eaten before. In this clip from Julia and Julie, Julie has always wanted to create and eat a poached egg. With the help of her husband and her best friend, she was able to do it and enjoy eating it! So what new food would you like to try today?

Ratatouille (2007) - I love Butter

In this clip from the movie Julie and Julia, Julie describes her love of butter, and how everyone's favorite dish or treat has butter in it. She also describes how if the world is going to end, she's going to eat things with butter. However instead of waiting for a disaster event or making one feel better after a bad day, wouldn't it be wonderful to have food on a daily basis that give us such joy without worrying about it affecting your weight loss journey? Click here to see this clip:

Ratatouille (2007) - Anton Ego Tastes Ratatouille - Flashback Scene [HD]

In this clip, you see the food critic taste the ratatouille dish, and is instantly transported wh6en his mom made this dish for him when he was little. Sometimes for us, eating food can bring us back to times wh6en we felt safe and loved. However we often deny ourselves these dishes because we believe we need to sacrifice them in order to achieve weight loss. However, wouldn't it be wonderful to have these comfort food, and with it worry about it affect your weight loss journey?

OPG's Favorite Outdoor Patio Lunch (Scene From the Miramax Movie 'Chocolat')

Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit with friends and family members at a party and eat delicious, decadent food w/out worrying about carbs? Click here:

The Last Holiday - Food Scene

In this clip, this woman is simply enjoying her food, and enjoying th6e experience, regardless of the stares from others in the restaurant. So many times, we are consumed by losing weight, that we will deny ourselves the opportunity to try something new. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to eat decadent food without worrying about weight loss? Click here:

Marie Antoinette-Shoes and Cake

In this clip, we see Queen Marie Antionette and her friend enjoying themselves eating decadent food and enjoying shopping for clothes. Often times when people go to friends or family celebrations and trying to lose weight, it can be a real struggle to remain in one's lifestyle journey especially when surrounded by food that are high carbohydrate. But what if that wasn't the case? What if you could eat the same food as everyone else, and instead of alienating oneself from others in the celebration, and just join the fun? Wouldn't that be wonderful? Click here:

Save the Last Dance: The big audition (HD CLIP)

In our lifetime, we try many different things that are important to us, as part of our journey toward our dreams. Sometimes it's not easy and often we don't succeed the first time around. However just because you don't get it right, does not mean you shouldn't try again. Because sometimes you have the potential of getting everything you want and more!

Chandler's Dad

As we know, achieving true weight loss is more than just exercise and eating low carb foods. It is also creating opportunities to create a better relationship with estranged family members when they are presented to us. Like as seen in this clip, inviting your transgender dad to your wedding. While you may never knew how it will work out, but it is best to try rather than live with the doubts of not doing it. Click here to see this really funny clip:

Meredith and Nick Talk About Her Next Move - Grey's Anatomy

Regardless of how other people in your life view an decision that you are making, its ultimately not up to them! You have the right to make the choice that is best for you. Because guess what? It's your life, not theirs!

GLEE- Mercedes Goes On A Crazy Diet and Faints | Home [Subtitled] HD

You should lose weight for yourself and not as an effort to be popular! Fad diet like the one shown here are not only dangerous to one's overall health, but are ineffective since you are twice as likely to gain the weight back...Take care of yourself

Emma Watson Want A Home With John | Little Women | 2019

Sometimes our friends and especially family have an idea or expectation of what our future should be, and many feel we are not living up to it. Rather than avoid it or worse, eat your feelings, a better thing to do is communicate wh6at our true version of the future is!

Supergirl 6x20 Finale Cat Grant knows Kara is Supergirl and Comforts Her Scene

Sometimes in order to make a decision that will move us forward to our better selves, we need "mentors" or "coaches" who see our potential and will give us the encouragement that is needed! Click here:

This Is Us 6x09 - Ending Scene

Life gives us many opportunities to challenge ourselves to be better than we used to be. Often times we have to take the universe up on such challenges. By taking them head on climbing a hill, as seen in this clip, may inspire us to try new things that we never thought possible!

Family Shows Up - Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

Sometimes when we choose to try a new activity, this will mean that friends and family members will not understand why a person would do this. However, if they truly care about you, they will show up to support you (just as you would support them)!

The Bridgerton Ball Family Dance - Bridgerton Season 2

When things do not go according to plan, why not enjoy yourself with friends and family?

Emily leaves DAR | Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Life is incredibly short, so instead of doing what everyone expects us to do at any point of our lives, but goes for the life one wants? Be honest with yourself and others!

Remember The Titans Coach Yoast Takes A Stand

Sometimes the ethical thing to do can be th6e hardest thing to do, especially in order to do what is right means sacrificing something that you have worked for years! But as the clip shows, rather than looking out for ourselves or eating our guilt, we need to take action! Click here:

13 Going on 30 - I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

Don't you just wish you could have this experience, where you enjoy the process of getting ready for a date, party or even an work event without worrying about how you look, and feel beautiful from beginning to end? Click here:

Rebecca Confronts Her Mother on Her Racist Behaviour | This is Us | Prime Video

They are going to be sensitive subjects to be breached, especially from people that we consider friends or family. Many times when we are faced with these situations, it is easier to hide one's thoughts or eat one's feelings. Although difficult to do for the sake of others (like our children) it is better to face a problem than internalize it...Take a look!

Penelope (2006) - "I like myself the way I am!"

To see: It's not easy, but we need to like ourselves, its the only way that we can hope to break the chains of the past or to break our curse, as this movie clip shows!

Sutton Foster Bunheads 1-18 "If My Friends..." audition (HD)

You are never too old or too young to go after the thing that you want...May we all be as brave as this woman in this clip (and in that leotard to boot!) Click here:

I'm 71 - And A Champion Pole Dancer | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

It's clear by this women, age is not a factor and that one shouldn't allow one's age determine your successes! Click here to see this amazing woman's story:

How to stay resilient: Advice from a 97-year-old B.C. resident

When you feel that you can't do something or seems impossible, please remember this woman's wonderful pieces of advice!

Maddy about the confidence Euphoria Season 2 Episode 7

Sometimes the best way to feel confident is act it!.

Midge is Horrified to See Her Dad in the Audience | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | Prime Video

In life, you just find yourself in embarrassing situations…But sometimes, you just have to keep going! Click here:

Elle woods tells off her ex bf

May we all have this moment where we prove to all of the people who doubted that we couldn’t do something wrong…It’s such a delicious moment of personal satisfaction! Click here:

Just dance! Sassy girls!

Don't you want exercise to be as fun as these little girls seem to have dancing?

Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin

We should all be this brave!

Princess against a bully!

Here is one way to deal with a bully, that will make you laugh and still have the upper hand!

Missy tarnishes her opponent on baseball game

When people say you can't do something, do it anyway! Embrace your inner Missy from Young Sheldon!

Adorable Dog's Exercise Routine

If an dog can exercise, so can you!

New Year New Mila??

When the resolution is not from you, but from other people!

Thanksgiving from Mila!

Does this thanksgiving sound familiar? Click on this video to see.

First time in the gym!

A little kid experiencing the gym for the first time, she is so funny! If you are looking for a good laugh, watch it.

Zumba for all ages!

If this little girl can do this, what can't you do?

Thanksgiving prep gone wrong!

For when you realize a friend or family member is making a dish for thanksgiving wrong!

If you find a video that is fun and uplifting like these and want to share PLEASE do! We will post it and give you credit for finding it!