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KetoSuperHeroes Success Story Tina Youde

Tina Youde

I had been looking for the jacket for a while so I could ride pillion with my hubby on his Ducati bike. Frustrated that I hadn't been able to find anything that fit, I started Keto and the weight loss allowed me to get the jacket and gave me back the confidence to get on the bike again. I had lost the confidence because of weight issues. I felt so good that day at my accomplishment with still a journey ahead of me. It spurred me onwards and made me realize that I was on the right path with my lifestyle change and I liked the changes in me too!! Feeling mentally in the moment and free of thinking people are looking at me for the wrong reason, I wore that jacket proudly and went to a biker meet night with confidence. Just sharing my NSV from a few weeks ago. I started my Keto journey in May and by July I was feeling successful and proud that the weight was coming off and my closet was full of clothes that I could wear. I needed a new jacket to join hubby on our motorbike as I had not been out for ages. When I found my new jacket, it was time to get back on the bike and hang out with hubby! A big thank you to Rosanna for all her support she has given me. She is a great cheerleader who has the answers when you are not feeling the process of Keto. I realize now that this takes time and there is no quick fix and it's OK to have setbacks and get back in the saddle again! PS: I still have a way to go...not done yet!!! Keto Superheroes is proud to be accompanying Tina Youde on her journey.
KetoSuperHeroes Success Story Selena Kelly

Selena Kelly

Non-scale victory celebrations.
  1. I have not given up on keto I keep trying again.
  2. I’m drinking more water than I ever have.
  3. I’m more active every day and I’m actually doing specific exercise.
  4. I am meditating at night while I’m like you know on the way to sleep I put on my headphones and I have a sleep meditation, and
  5. This is a scale victory, I have lost 3.5 pounds huzzah.
My Keto journey looks a lot more like A than B. The difference is that without the Superheroes, I would’ve given up weeks ago. I’ve tried every diet out there and whenever I couldn’t do it “perfectly” or didn’t get immediate spectacular results. I would give up. I’ve had detours and some small pauses but I have consistently gotten back on track. The Superheroes are helping me break the yo yo diet cycle and figure out how to transform my diet mentality into lifestyle mentality. So stinking grateful for all of you! Rosanna Pittella Jess Pittella

Roseanna Gosvener

I started my keto journey 5/20/21 at 298 lbs. Had no clue what I was doing. Didn't hold out much hope. That it would be any different. Then other things I had tried. But wanting to feel better. Looking better would be a good perk as well. With keto and exercise. My current weight is 246. I've definitely had some bumps in the road.You (Keto Superheroes) have been a great help. Thank you for all you do. Keto Superheroes: Roseanna is definitely a success story and Keto Superhero soaring along her journey.

Peggy Humes Hollenbach

Peggy Humes Hollenbach a Keto Superhero in the making! "Made bacon wrapped asparagus yesterday. Had to stop myself from eating the rest of the bacon that I baked! Anyway my dear, I am hear you tell you that I lost 16 lbs in August! That’s with the 3 lbs I gained after birthday celebrations! Back on the straight and narrow. No more frozen strawberry margaritas!" I am so happy! Thank you (Keto Superheroes!) for your support and inspiration. And recipes! I promised myself when I got down to 300 I would start using our stationary bike. Didn’t know I’d get here this fast! Keto Superheroes: We are walking along the path with her.