Something new for the week!

Something new to see

Missy tarnishes her opponent on baseball game

When people say you can't do something, do it anyway! Embrace your inner Missy from Young Sheldon!

Something new to eat

Keto Coffee Cheesecake Bars

Want a little pick me up after a long day? Make this delicious, decadent treat (only 3.5 net carbs), and you will instantly feel better!

Something new to do

20 Min Punching Cardio Workout by BurpeeGirl

Want to learn how to kick butt and lose weight at the same? You can vent your frustrations out with this latest burpee girl workout (and don't we need that sometimes?)!

Something new to try

Finally, The YOU you will Love.

Do you love the person who looks back at you from the mirror? This book is the greatest gift you could give yourself if the answer to that question was NO. Is there someone you love whose self image is inappropriately low, but struggles to change it? This book is the nicest thing you could do for such a person. Why? Because it was written to as the ultimate step by guidebook from self sabotage, neglect, hate and abuse to empowering, amazing self love.
Available in Amazon on November 26, 2021