Something new to try for the week!

Something new to see

Preschool from a two year olds view point

This video has a little girl describing her first day of pre-school. It is really funny to see this little girl with curly blonde hair describing her first day of preschool in the same way that an adult would. You can't help but smile and laugh!

Something new to eat

Keto Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

For those of you craving something decadent after your exercise, try these amazing brownies! You will not believe that each brownie only is 1.32 carbs. This amazing recipe makes 16 brownies (depending on how you cut )them) and will be an instant hit with everyone in your life!

Something new to do

EMKFit 25-minute HIIT Dance Workout (Chicago)

Try out this new EMKFit video, where she create these fun workouts set to the very well known songs of the very popular musical, "Chicago". Coaches Notes: We tried it, and found it was very intense but a lot of fun!