Something new for the week!

Something new to see

Kid doing chachacha

This little girl will make you smile and laugh...You can't be in a bad mood and watch this little bubbly girl do the cha cha!

Something new to eat

Keto Tiramisu Pancakes

These keto tiramisu pancakes are to die for! So decadent, so delicious! It's the best of both wonderful things-Tiramisu with pancakes! How can you possibly go wrong? And only two net carbs!

Something new to do

30 Min Cardio Latin Dance Workout by Keoni Tamayo

Sweat and have fun with this mother and son duo taking on Latin dancing! It is so much fun to do...We tried it and loved every second of it, and laughing the whole time!

Something new to try

Bullet Coffee

Bullet coffee was held as a standard for people on a low carb, ketogenic diet, or for me a person looking for a LIFESTYLE that would help me lose weight, be stronger, healthier, happier, fitter and toned. I went for it! A tablespoon of MCT oil (mid length chain triglyceride coconut oil) in my very hot coffee with a splash of cream perked up my metabolism, started my day off right and it was all good. Still love the stuff! - Rosanna

New High Flying Keto Superhero

Walk with Yoyo

Hi, I am Yonas Yohanes from @walkwithyoyo. I am just a regular guy who after 39 years on this earth finally found the courage to truly love him self and to finally accept that YES! I deserve happiness. After years of self sabotage and feeling unworthy I made a decision in May of 2018 a month before my daughter was born that completely changed my outlook on life, weight loss, and what it truly means to be happy. That one decision allowed me to lose 120lbs, heal mentally, physically and emotionally over 3.5 years and gave me back my life. What I did was very simple, something most of us can do very easily.
Follow me and my life transformation journey at to see how walking gave me back my life and how it can help you as well. Happiness isn’t just reserved for the fit. Let’s take our life back! WE ALL DESERVE TO LOVE OURSELVES!"