What you EAT

What you eat is a big part of your lifestyle. We want it to be an enjoyable experience where you love the way your food looks and tastes and you look forward to every meal. We understand some people just love things that look luscious and so food porn might be your jam. Some people love to cook, time in the kitchen for them is actually meditative and enjoyable as they love the handling of textures, the colors, beauty and aromas of food...that is Zen Yum. Zip Yum is for our busiest people or times when we need a quick way to make a fabulous meal in 15 minutes or less. Themed meals are built around a scene that we know and love it could be a television show a movie or from a famous book or even a cartoon show. We take the food of that genre and we create perfectly delicious keto meals to match. It could not be more fun and perfect for special occasions. We will invite you in to see how it's done from concept to table settings We have tons of recipes for you as well just like the ones that are linked to your 60-day plan that we hope that you have already downloaded. And last but not least cooking videos are on their way to show you the hows of making the yummy food you deserve. You're supposed to do something fun each week something just for yourself ...click any one of the buttons below and go to town. Enjoy.
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